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  1. So excited about this! I love Eunber!!! And Eunjung looks so healthy and happy.
  2. Oh wow. Stay classy, Korea. Even though I'm not surprised, that is really low. u_u
  3. Though i'm sure netizens will complain about this, too, i'm glad she was the one that wrote the letter because she was considered the most neutral party in this whole mess.
  4. Oh man I really love both concepts! I hope they do something steampunk-ish with this.
  5. At this point they just need to come out fighting, I think. To remain quiet, to remain hiding is just giving the netizens more fodder to throw.
  6. This is absolutely disgusting. I don't even know what to say anymore.
  7. I'm glad people in the industry are starting to speak up.
  8. I was really scared to click on this link. I'm glad it turned out that she wasn't seriously injured. I hope the same goes for the other people in the car.
  9. I don't have high expectations when it comes to the media but I really hope they have some tact, or that Joo Jihoon tells them to stfu.
  10. I hope more and more idols start to speak out in defense of T-ARA since Kim Kwangsoo is worthless at protecting the girls.
  11. I'm starting to speculate that she might return to T-ARA. That KKS is trying to reverse the damage he's caused by offering a large sum to return and deny the bullying herself in a press-conference with the girls.
  12. KKS is absolutely the worst at damage control. He really just dug his own grave. Maybe he'll finally realize he's not top dog like he thinks he is.
  13. KKS put the final nail in the coffin with this xxxx. He's effectively ruined the careers of all eight of them.
  14. This is ridiculous, but i'm glad to see that people are leaving that fancafe because it's become anti-t-ara and not because people are that disillusioned about T-ARA themselves.
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