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  1. niceee upload ! finally its official ! we're Queen's thanks for uploading
  2. oh damn !!!! WHY QRI JUST GET PRETTIER DAY BY DAY ?!?!?!?! >.< and AhReum looks cute there too
  3. thanks a lot for the upload ~ soyeon just too pretty >.<
  4. lol those acc at her phone are just too many ~_~ but looks like she doesnt bothered by those acc
  5. i tot there ahreum would join this red carpet lol jiyeon get well soon >.<
  6. thx for the upload.. they look so colourfull... waiting for the live
  7. thanks a lot ! rly envy thai queen;s >.< when will indonesia get the chances
  8. OMG !!!! this is RECORD ?! i never download photos that reach 1k and today its almost 2k >.< thank u so muchhh candy !! god bless youuuuu
  9. thanks for uploading !!! Soyeon just pretty as ussual >.< ahh i love her moreee and moree
  10. thanks alot for the upload.. our girls rly pretty there.. esp Qri LOL i dunno why she looks rly gorgeous that day
  11. it would be nice if theres any HD pics of this.. gonna make it by desktopbackground
  12. aw they're been rly busy lately goin here and there wish for their health and always THANK YOU OUR LOVELY UPLOADER
  13. awwww its nice too see them again.. moon brothers are just tooooo cute >.< waiting for the updates
  14. thanksss a lot !! been waiting for this photosetttt .hope soyeon GWS >.< shes still smile even with that pain
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