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  1. I think the new group Co-Ed is gonna be full of members who look like other group members you have the twin sister of T-ara and the Hara lookalike so KAra there too. PS just a joke
  2. Does anyone know when shes gonna debut with the group ? also wonder what happens when they sing there old songs
  3. Don't think Eun Jeong was forced or anything just a decision made by CCM.
  4. Same gonna give her a chance maybe she'll surprise us or maybe not but we gonna have to wait and see.
  5. I think its just Eun Jung is becoming more popular since her drama and movie so they give the role to Boram who's always there. Also I think the idea of the new member is to take so pressure off JiYeon which i doubt will happen but i think that's what they were hoping for with a new youngest member.
  6. She looks tired in the pic, was wondering was she still doing the cheerleader show?
  7. She's really changed and I think the article hit the nail on the head, she was edited out I think at the beginning since she was a bit stiff but now shes doing quite well and shes in the episodes alot more. If she wants more screen time maybe she could do what the secret member did and create a love line scandal with Kim Tae Woo.
  8. Really surprised that its fans who are causing the issue since they would know shes been filming GOS and since its rating has been good and she isn't a minor character they should be able to guess shes filming.
  9. Very interesting to find stuff like this out. Wondering what determines where you live, I mean it'll depend on your company but within a company what determines where and what kinda of apartment you live in.
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