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  1. YEAH! proud to t-ara to get to be appointed to something like this. keep it up girls! while i keep my posting to get into the subbed videos section
  2. woooooooooooooo. first it was snsd, now on to my second fav group: t-ara~! but i still have got a long way before i can get into the subbed video section =x
  3. oh my. jiyeon is on strong heart~ i would love it so much to watch her always appear on talk shows. it's just so enjoyable to listen to her talk
  4. this is a first, that i hear about the entertainment company in korea that allows their groups to date. but ya, as per what the girls think, they shouldn't date for now. their day to day activities are too hectic.
  5. the price of fame or stardom, is always losing your freedom to the job. but u do gain something in return, something that all the fans will give to u, L-O-V-E. another hwaiting for the day for the girls~
  6. from what i see, she seems to be like she is totally drained of energy. but i do admit she still has to force a smile no matter how tired she was. though being able to see her smile that we all always see during performances, that will be much better. anyway, i think there was something on her mind as well. she's still a young girl in a big world. she still has got much to learn.
  7. in my point of view, or rather my own personal preferences, i will put jiyeon in 1st place for dancing and hyomin in 2nd place. as for the rest, everyone is equal, as in my point of view there are no worst dancers~
  8. so cute.......... looks like she is resting well after the drama's launch press conference. and i do believe that drinking more milk help in recovering faster~ hwaiting eunjung~
  9. sighs. why does she have to encounter such problems while reaching the last week of the year when it's so damn important for her to be performing together with her members? sobs
  10. oh no. why our dearest eunjung had to take a fall during one of the most important weeks of the year? sobs.
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