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  1. so it's developed to be a rotational group huh? Boram and Qri are in danger T_T (though actually Boram has a great voice ><) I've hated on you ever since you looked away from Supernova, Kim Kwangsoo. and I was not wrong in hating T_T
  2. this is why I love Eunjung. even with such injuries she held on and continue to perform well. she's such a strong individual <3333 thank you for the news
  3. wow didn't know they're releasing the 2nd part that soon!! :0 awww that means Cry Cry will only be promoted for a month+++ >.< well I'm definitely anticipating the song Lovey Dovey and also Qri's & Eunjung's acting in the MV <333
  4. OMG~~~~~ this is something to look forward!!! I watched the first season mainly because of Eunjung (and IU) and now I'm watching for Jiyeon!!!! ^-^ this will be good~ though secretly I actually wanted Qri to take part in this and play the snob :'3 oh well wishing for the best for both Jiyeonie and Dream High 2!! ^-^
  5. kyaaa hyojung looking so cool!
  6. too cute for words! and it's in HD
  7. wow a remake is this? OMG cannot wait!! a second Bo Peep Bo Peep eh? T-Ara always fits well with any kinds of songs they're given! July 1st come fast!!! XD thank you for the news
  8. LOL Qri wae so weird but cute xD she's probably curious on how to pose in a men's bathroom xD well this weird and beautiful Qri is the Qri we all know and love
  9. LOL interesting. would like to see Kid Leader Jiyeon do her stuff as leader XDDD aside from that these bullying issues are just ridiculous. they're pretty close as I see it's to the point they're friendly with each other not concerning age difference xD
  10. I thought she's already old lol haha even though she doesn't look that much fresh she's still beautiful and looking (sorta) young
  11. and her ability to sleep any place any time plays a big factor as well XD don't worry you still look adorable and beautiful in that position just sleep comfortably XD
  12. she is definitely someone to look up to. I have a loooot more respect for her even though before it was already big >< hope she'll recover quickly and won't do reckless things during the healing process
  13. OMG I feel so bad for T-Ara's coordis~ they had to rush out to find new outfits~ they should've let their performers know the dresscodes first and not let these kinds of things happen -.- oh so it's wrong for girls to show skin but a-okay for guys ripping their clothes or showing much skins? -.-
  14. LOL that made me laugh seriously~ I mean come on~ sounds like a nagging dad? I cannot imagine XD people will continue hate~ just take this song a few weeks of listen you'll get addicted in no time! =)
  15. OMGOMGOMG THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!! gonna look at the rest on the gallery~ I seriously love this Yayaya concept the girls shine so much on this
  16. hi umm can I ask a question? that's 9M's Sera on your signature right? from what video is that gif? could you link me to the vid stream or ddl? thanks ><

  17. LOL Maknae ain't so innocent anymore xD so did she do one or not? I really feel alright with surgery and all. but idk they're (her and Hyoyoung) 17 right? if they did have one, can they really have plastic surgery in such a young age? ><
  18. oh.my.god. they're the models?!?!?!? o.o oh wow this is awesome!! Jiyeon Eunjung and also Minkyung all so very beautiful and my god I'm still stunned with Eunjung's long hair and innocent look >< so will they only be the models for compilation album (?) or take part in recording as well? thanks for the news
  19. the pics are awesome and the girls look gorgeous and yey I see Hwayoung~~!! kekeke thank you for the RAR! it saves me up much time hihi thanks you for the share
  20. YOU ARE EXCEPTIONALLY FAST BRO!!! hnghnghng Hyomin in blond OMG the MV set looks classy! I cannot wait for the release *_____________* thanks a lot for being super fast xD
  21. OMGOMG she looks gorgeous in that wig!!! my gosh she looks like a pure angel with that long hair thank you for sharing
  22. I think these pictures are already posted except for the last two... Eunjungie she's really bright and cheerful seeing her cheerful face just makes me smile ^-^ beautiful
  23. well Jiyeon's tweet is understandable of a one that is really tired.. but Hyomin.. she said that she's regretted the decision T_T that shocked me >.< I hope everything's alright for all the members >__<
  24. this make me sad.. like really T^T Jiyeon really need to take a breather. she overworked herself for too long >< yah Kim Kwangsoo you need to loosen up her schedules!! T0T heartbreaking.. very TT_TT
  25. YAY a ZIPpedfile!! :'D so much convenience to our hands x) thank you so much for these! there must be tons of photos from this! I wuv them wearing red~ xP
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