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  1. Now its the dreadful waiting time .... I havent even had enough of day by day so its fine hehe
  2. Lets be optimistic that this will do good to t-ara. Hwayoung already proved her light in the group as a rapper. I'm welcoming them both. But i'm glad they said she dance well. T-ara do need that. As much as i love them, they do sometimes showcase lack of energy on stage. Hope they're gettin enough rest
  3. She's getting more lines now. Looks like ccm is finally utilising boram as a team player. Not a backup or sumthin
  4. The strings really brought up the song well. A really pleasant turn from typical pop performances
  5. I loved their latest live performance better than the dance mv. All those flash effect keep reminds me of i go crazy because of you, which was very dissapointing because i know they can showcase themselves better in the MV
  6. Congrats girls! Their new releases just never dissapoint! I act really love this genre of t-ara, like cry cry and lies
  7. Loved her rapping in why r u being like this and we were in love. And now at last day by day really did her justice. I'm glad that she's gettin recognized more
  8. Boram is getting prettier everytime i see her she used to look so adolescent like a kid
  9. I never understood the reasons of doorming, always thought that it was a cheap way of providing the idols. But i guess it helps to bond. I'd like to know this too!
  10. Q-ri's beauty is definitely to be talked about! was she a great model before joining T-ara? i heard she was a model. but ji-yeon is actually taller, maknae's always are
  11. even if U dont consider them as rookies, I'd say they are doin really well in the music bizz (n fashion bizz too!) hope u gurls have more success later on! when will T-ara visit Malaysia??!! hehe
  12. "I assume the reporter is bored" Q-ri, I think so too! this past clip of urs definitely didn't make me luv u any less. Fighting! I always thought that Q-ri is a bit dark than the others, in a good way
  13. great quality! Q-RI lookin good at the back
  14. would the gurls ever do good person in proper suitable outfits??? q-ri missing..again
  15. eun jung with short hair is so freakin high-fashion! black outfits are always stunning
  16. luv em all, but ji yeon stands out the most here, hands down!
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