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  1. Happy Birthday!!! :D :D :D

  2. poor Eunjung but she sleeps everywhere D: bad manager xP but well she looks so cute (:
  3. the stage is not the same in Jiyeon's solo pics and in the group pics o.o maybe it was a different performance hehe
  4. I know hehe but I kinda expected 7 songs more or less x) I hope they don't wait lots of months to comeback but with a full album x3
  5. only 5 songs? ;O; aww I want more!! thanks for the list
  6. OMGoo after just 5 minutes?? D: owww if it was for security reasons then it was fine D:
  7. OMGooosh I just can't wait for that day!! x3 T-ara FIGHTING!!
  8. I don't see Hyomin there T_T tell me I'm wrong~
  9. OMG~ just 2 more weeks!! ahh I can't wait anymore~ x3
  10. OMGosh!! that would be AWESOME 'cuz they'll stay together
  11. she's really AWESOME!! I admire her more and more~ just as the netizen said, she's so professional and I'm so happy seein' her lovely smile
  12. aww I love Jiyeon's hair ever!! x3 awww I wanna know what will be their new concept *-*
  13. ChanMi from Co.ed MC-ed too awww~ it really was the best idea from CCM ever x3 JiYeon FIGHTING!!❤
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