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  1. I have listened to the song a week back and it is so freaking awesome. The melody is very different from their previous release and I am sure this song is going to a hit! Choreography is a bit simple. I have yet to watch Gangkiz one so I am not sure which song is better. Also, the audio isn't that clear but I really like the the rap (probably by hwayoung) after Eunjung high notes. Anyway, I have read somewhere that the first teaser will be release on 24 June. I can't wait for their comeback!!!!
  2. The song is awesome, love all their voices!! Such a sad ballad song. Hwa young rap is so fierce.
  3. Glad that CCM decided to release some portions of the mini album today. I am going to repeat all the songs
  4. Yes! Finally Soyeon will be releasing another digital single. I hope the song sounds like Toc Toc Toc as this was one of my favorite song from their absolute album.
  5. I doubt Soyeon is born in 1978. She looks so young for her current age already and has the 'kid' look. lol
  6. I have seen the video, and seriously speaking, i am not fond of it and the lyrics are kind of disturbing. I wouldn't mind if it is other younger girl groups singing the song.
  7. I just got my copy of this album today! It's so worth it and there are tons of pictures, but not as much as co-ed album. Haha. Anyway, the quality of the pictures are quite good and their concept is awesome The album quality is just like the previous Absolute Album Cover
  8. Happy Birthday! I hope you will have fun and enjoy it~! ^^

  9. I like the choreography for Why Are You Like This, it kind of reminds me of f(x) - chocolate love dance for the ending part. And Yayaya choreography is so adorable. lol
  10. Weird regulations. Perhaps Music Core & Inkigayo won't be that strict. But anyway, they look gorgeous in the outfit
  11. I think she does a good job for their debut stage. She hides her nervousness well. Lol. Anyway, i am starting to like her in T Ara and she seems to be tall Can't wait for their next music core stage!
  12. I prefer them to promote Why Are You Like This. I still don't really like Yayaya as i can't really hear them sing. But still, i love most of the song in the album especially Ma Bo
  13. Since it's composed by E-Tribe, the style would be something like SNSD GEE. I hope they would promote Why Are You Like This. Anyway, i can't wait for the album to be release tomorrow. I have a feeling it's going to be good
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