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  1. The girls need to start brushing up on their mandarin. With such high demand and popularity in China for more than a year now, I think it's wise for them to communicate with Chinese Queen's (or the chinese entertainment industry) without the help of a translator all the time. Mandarin is one of the most difficult language to learn, but I'm sure they can. Hwaiting!
  2. They are cmg back to Singapore! Yayyy 2nd visit!! SG QUEEN'S are waiting for you girls!
  3. Gotta love the choreography! If only I cld dance... wld love to make a dance cover or something.
  4. Whoa.. whats with the cheers? Its so loud! How long has it been that we've heard such loud cheers for these girls? One day, these girls will slay all the charts and awards again. I know they will.
  5. the performance is giving me the headache thanks to the amt of times they switch the cam channel. why cant they just use one or two? im not trying to watch some horror selfcam movies.
  6. Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. Not sure if Myanmar, Laos and Timor Leste have Kpop audience.
  7. Would love to see her in dramas again. Such a good actress. Hope she gets cast in a drama soon.
  8. Yeah. Our cutie pretty, Qri, is still our leader. Hate it when the media made a mistake in their news. Confuses people. Anyway, I really wanted some of the shirts and shades they were auctioning!
  9. Not sure about Soyeon. Shes recovered but maybe not her voice. Boram have been training hard on her vocals before Number 9 comeback. Probably explains why shes getting lots of lines. I remember reading a news saying the other members think Boram have improved her singing and dancing.
  10. I think the host is Tia from Chocolat (it looks like her). anyway, Qri's fail moment at putting her ice cream on the cone. Lol.
  11. Its really weird to watch cos the audio is not sync with the video.. but great perf frm the ladies nevertheless!
  12. Wow the girl @3:23. Lol I love her enthusiasm! And the girl with grey hoodie infront of her closing her ears.
  13. Is it really neccessary to have another MV though? Hmmm... I've always thought having different versions of a MV are pointless (like the lengthy drama ones that they had. O_o)
  14. Nae mam da gajyeogan geudaeneun eodi itnayo? Dorawayo number 9!

  15. Aww thats nice of them! Those fans who went for their shows and support T-ara despite all the bad news are real fans. They deserve to be snack-ed by T-ara themselves (queuing up at 7am in the morning.. seriously.. erghmagad.).
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