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  1. I really want this. I missed out on their repackaged Breaking Heart so I really want this. Can anyone tell me, is this different from the Japanese Best of Best 2009-2012. Tanks!
  2. Maybe the audience wanted to watch the stage performance since the song is relatively new. I still hold onto the hope that Hwayoung will rejoing the group, but I know this is probably not going to happen. Fight T-ara!
  3. What was "she can rejoin T-ara if she is truely sorry" about. This article totally puts to rest any notion of Hwayoung rejoining T-ara. Plus, they never get actual statements from the parties involved like Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Aurem, or Hwayoung. I was super suspicious about the account from the back up dancer especially since they announced that they were from Yama& Hotchicks. This is giving me a headache, I seriously don't know what to believe. KKS WTF is up with telling Hwayoung to keep silent, if it was truely her fault wouldn' t you let her dig her own grave, plus the way her contract was terminated without any penalties makes it even harder to believe that she did wrong. I mean you're supposed to punish them for being bad and leaving the group by collectiong these fee stupid. So confused, but I still want everything to work out. I have hope.
  4. Unless it was Hyoyoung that expressed she wanted to leave the company, why in the would would they give her the boot. Hyoyoung hasn't done anything wrong and CCM would be taking on more heat!
  5. If she was bullied, who in right mind would go back to a group and a company that only uses her to get ahead.The reason why they are putting out this message is to save face! Let's say that Hwayoung was acting as they said, then what about T-ara members. Shouldn't they also have to change in order for a solution to come forth. Either way, I just can't see Hwayoung rejoinging T-ara and I can see T-ara accepting that she is rejoining. It's just a sad situation all around.
  6. I feel like the main problem is the sketchiness of their explanations. Hwayoung never outright slandered CCM, but CCM is making it their point to throw Hwayoung under the bus. I mean, can't everyone tell the truth, admit their wrongs, and instead of continuing with promotions their company should instead do something to help them with teamwork. Plus if all of this is true, Aerum & Dani would also feel awkward in the group.
  7. Her company probably wanted her to perform with her injury (not in a chair like they want us to think) and it hurt too bad so that's why she said she couldn't. This whole thing about it being Hwayoung's fault feels really misleading
  8. I really thought that this was a promotion scheme, but after reading this I feel really bad for Hwayoung. In the first place, I think it was a bad idea that KKS added more members to an already existing group, I mean only a few groups can pull that off and stay successful. Plus that new member has to play catch up and gain more support by working harder than the group. This just makes me wonder if Hyoyoung will also leave CCM? I hope that Hwayoung finds a better company and gains lots of success! I wanna hear from T-ara about what really happened! The way that KKS said that Hwayoung's contract was terminated "effective immediately" made it sound like she was the bad one. Plus since he didn't address the bullying theory it only ruins T-ara's reputation. I know I will always be a fan, but after all the drama, I don't know if they will still have the support of their fans.
  9. For some reason I don't think Boram ever followed Hwayoung on Twitter. I remember checking out their Twitters and i know a few members were not following other members so it may all be a miss understanding. I do know that Hwayoung shared a room with Hyomin and Jiyeon when she first joined and then she moved into Eunjung and Soyeon's room later, but I don't know how relevant that is. I don't know, I just can't picture them fighting. I still think there is more to this than just rumors.
  10. I'm interested, but T-ara doesn't need another rapper. I feel like she might not be a permanent T-ara member just because of what KKS said. Hopefully KKS forms another group for her with members her own age then all will benefit.
  11. I'm super excited I can't wait! I need T-ara now! Lol I wish they would have gone with a different director though, or at least I hope the director doesn't try to include every single shot in the mV. I always get so dizzy watching.
  12. I like hearing Soyeon's voice! It's hard to not hate the new members, but at least T-ara will be able to do more ballad songs too. Hopefully everyone will get a sining line.
  13. Yay! Love Soyeon's voice, but it seems like there are too many people in 1 song to focus on Yangpa. I can't wait to hear it though!
  14. At least the current members are still part of the group. Hopefully he isn't doing this just to get people interested in the new members and dump old members. Sad, now each member will only get a chance to sing 1 word per song.
  15. Lol, Qri dropped a hint when she revealed that T-ara members were moving into a house. I thought that 2 members would be added, I really like their current members so as long as they keep the current members I don't care if they add more. I just kinda feel sorry for them because they won't have as much recognition.
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