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  1. Arigatigomaisu~ hope to see them in the future~
  2. oMo. this is something new. hope they will coop with the schedule.
  3. tob's

    [11.07.06] T-ara's

    wow, i think i'm gonna try it for myself. hope it will work
  4. They are making the right decision. hope that T-Ara will fulfill their responsibility. heheh hwaiting~
  5. Yeay~ a concert at a big place. hope they will succeed.
  6. Oh. hope they are doing great over there.~
  7. Hohoho. Hope that she will do a good job on this. hwaiting~
  8. yeaay~ seeing them making the summer really cool. gonna go for theme park after this.~
  9. hahaha. they both really in good condition. hope to see more projects from both of them again.~
  10. wow. more and more surprises from them. me likey~ heh heh heeh ~
  11. too much working. hope that she will feel better in the future.~ Hwaiting!!
  12. hope that they will success too. hahaha. eunjung what a good person you are.~
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