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  1. Yaaas, I can't wait to see her acting again. I've been rewatching all her previous works because I've missed her on the screen. Does anyone know when it's coming out though?
  2. I'm pretty sure that it's all because 1. it's a game, you tend to get a bit too excited lol. and 2. maybe she has a close relationship with Seungri? Well, at least she apologized for it, so I hope the fans won't get too heated about this.
  3. The blanket is to keep warm... when they're off screen.. Seeing how everyone else is in a big puffy jacket, I'm pretty sure it's kinda cold to be just standing there with a short sleeve and a skirt..
  4. O_O at the part where it said the chair part was originally for Jiyeon O_O XD And the netizens... seriously, why are they picking on a kid?! Don't they have anything else better to do?? >=( Jiyeon hwaiting! T-ara hwaiting!
  5. Awwww she's adorableee Gah, I think anything she does is too cute XD Can't wait to watch it...dling it at the moment
  6. Congratz to T-ara!!! And omg, the blue costume is my absolute favourite from all the other colours they have worn, even though... they're the same...cept different colours....>.> XD Gahhh, they look so pretty in blue!!! And awwww Hope they get more #1 in the future :DDD
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