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  1. God, you're so delusional. Hwayoung and Areum aren't coming back. I know you worship Hwayoung and everything, but just give it a rest. It's embarrassing and aggravating seeing you in almost every topic preaching that "T-ara proved they became better when Hwayoung joined!!11!" which isn't true. It was because of Roly-Poly. And that didn't happen until a year AFTER she debuted. I'm a die-hard T-ARA fan, but I'm going to be perfectly honest and admit that if they were not given Bo Peep Bo Peep or Roly Poly, they probably wouldn't have survived by now. Bo Peep is what put them on the map in the Kpop world, Roly Poly is what boosted that extraordinarily. No one, aside from fanboys like you, didn't really aknowledge Hwayoung until the controversy. And you can stop trying to "teach" everyone a lesson by speaking like a broken record that "6-ARA wasn't the original T-ara!!! :) :) THEY WERE ORIGINALLY 5! OMG! GOOD PERSON JIAE JIWON!!11". Listen, no one cares except you, and as far as everyone else is concerned - Queens or not - 6-ARA was the original. Get over yourself.
  2. Hi! Thanks for passing by my profile :D

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