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  1. LOL relieved. We are all relieved . I think 7 members are more than enough.
  2. I don't think 10 days are enough for the girls but this is much better than nothing They NEED to rest so badly. But, how will Jiyeon rest? She has to film Dream High 2 Anyways, have fun girls
  3. All parts are more than awesome. I love Part 2 as much as I love Part 1. Everything involves T-ara is beautiful /biased
  4. OMG Qri is forever a doll-like She looks so pretty, maybe prettier than Candy LOL But maybe it's only the hair that makes them look similar
  5. Celi

    [CAPS] Roly Poly MV.

    How to download the whole album? Anyways the caps are so clean and big OMG can I die now? I really love all the caps. Thank you!
  6. Ah I'm sure whether it was leaked or not the song would still be a success Overall, leakage isn't a good thing! And, Roly Poly is doing great now <333
  7. Colorless or colored it's still amazing But with colors all the photos look like even more alive! Ugh they're so pretty and suit the concept. QRI OMG
  8. Can't wait! But hopefully there will be still enough screen time for the girls! This is interesting, they really try to liven up the concept
  9. This is real retro. The concept pictures are all different They look perfect in every frame!
  10. Oh yay like finally Ryu Twins in one show. Can't wait to watch I didn't see much of them together in Oh! My School so this is very nice Hwaiting girls
  11. Hopefully it will be just great Let's see how they will carry the concept on stage, I can't wait!
  12. LOL yeah I watched it too when Jangwoo won that medal! She should, his skill is amazing This is so cute, they're so shy with each other sometimes
  13. Whoa, pretty excited. Hopefully the will serve something new! T-ara hwaiting. Totally can't wait the comeback
  14. These are so nice, thank you so much Pictures are so close, I'm so happy. Can feel the girls' perfection from here already! Just what if I saw them in real life, haha Surely won't take out the tag, thanks very much!
  15. She gave me a heart attack OMG Ham Eunjung How dare you doing this to me. She looks so angelic and hot Oh My.
  16. Johnny's Entertainment. Oh wow. It's big. And 4.7 billion W is unbelievable Hwaiting T-ara, I know your debut will be a bomb!
  17. She looks so pretty in the caps LOL I have to watch this right? And I didn't know her character is a homosexual until I read this /fails Her Japanese is praised? Woo, another reason to watch
  18. I think it was only because of her hairstyle. Hair needs to be tied up for official photos (?) right. I don't think she looked different back then though
  19. Wow, I didn't know Eunjung can't swim And this is so funny. Jangwoo is such a cutie, demanding love words from his wifey. I must watch this, hmm. Such an adorable couple
  20. She still looks cute in uniform It suits Hyomin, she looks so fresh! Good luck with your filming girl
  21. Another new masterpiece by T-ara As long as all this things don't burden them then I'm happy seeing them doing so many stuffs It actually looks nice, Hyomin must be happy hahah
  22. It looks like her, and really really cute! The package is pretty also. That clothe is from Why Are You Like This, right? Nicest gift ever
  23. OMG then it's really scary! I always watch horror for T-ara but I don't think I can handle White LOL And Min screamed so hard? LOLL Anyways, I will try to watch, I wanna see Eunjung's acting here
  24. They look so classic in traditional clothing! And so cheerful also <33 I'm so proud of them, they did it well for sure. Princesses, I love you~!
  25. Hyomin on chair again! I miss seeing T-ara all together performing on stage! I can't wait for Dream Concert to broadcast. And I adore the outfit
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