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  1. Will there be two mini albums with different songs? That's the second thought I had. That one will include Lovey Dovey and other tracks we haven't heard. So in a way, it would be a full album if it were together. (Just my thoughts)
  2. What happened to Lovey Dovey? I'm excited for their comeback though.
  3. It's one of the repackages that will come out for Roly Poly. (album) I ordered mine, but have to wait til I receive my copy. They look so adorable. It's hardcovered, right?
  4. I'm confused. Are they going to have two different repackages? Either way, that's great.
  5. I love SNSD, but I'll just put this out there. If SNSD was the one promoting Roly-Poly. They would win awards until they're done with the song. Why's that? Cause the fanbase is unfortunately much larger for SNSD than T-ara. This is obviously one of the best songs of the year, but it won't be considered that. Just because of sales and awards. No, I'm not trying to start any fan wars, but it's the truth. There's a reason Super Junior is winning right now over 2NE1/T-ara/miss A. It's not because the songs better, it's the fanbase. I hope you all understand. OK, back to the main article. That's an amazing job by the girls, 23 million! Way to go, you all deserve that amount and more!
  6. This drama has been going for a while now, just letting you guys know. They just joined the cast for the recent episodes.
  7. Way to go on the 70k! I wonder how much they'll have in the long run.
  8. I can't wait to see the song performed live. It's pretty catchy and it looks like fun.
  9. They all look beautiful, especially Jiyeon and Eunjung! I miss Eunjung with long hair
  10. So... Ya Ya Ya and Ye Ye Ye (VNT) being promoted, at the same time?
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