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  1. omg... love this song!!! one of the reasons i became a t-ara fan
  2. i have no idea who she is but i hope she will be beneficial to their online mall
  3. poor her... i hope they start giving her more screening time.
  4. wow that's a lot of girls. i didnt even notice there are that many girl groups that were active then
  5. hmm.. thats so weird how they will transfer a whole group to a different entertainment
  6. o how sweet of them... i donated five dollars. that was all i can afford
  7. o wow... death bell was such a good scary movie... cant wait to see her in it
  8. wow... its not her fault that the clothes are so freakin tight. n its normal to show a little bit of belly fat... netizens need to get a life
  9. omg they are both so pretty... i bet they had a lot of fun with the photo shoot
  10. love this song... one of the reasons y i became a t-ara fan
  11. i wasnt a huge fan of t-ara before... i was more of a snsd fan... but after watching them perform and stuff they began to grow on me... esp after watching god of study and the release of their new single
  12. o wow... online mall ceos??? congrats too them and best of luck to their business
  13. o lord not another fan war... hopefully it wont get out of control and be resolved peacefully!!!
  14. her stockings do look cool but i dont think i can ever wear something like... people here in texas will probably stare at me
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