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  1. oh gosh thank you TvT i should have just login here instead earlier. been finding this t see. kkkkkkkkkkkk
  2. as expected~ jiyeon can pull this concept well kkkkkk! hope t see more photos soon~
  3. miss her long hair very much. thanks for sharing th cap. ^^
  4. I am so excited now!! Diadem always has new interesting things t motivate me t login here! XD XD
  5. i love their happy faces, esp qri's ^^ can't wait for their activities and esp PV.
  6. signing..??? where? LOL. awwww, I see Q. kkkkkkkkk! thanks for th photo
  7. totally love qri's fashion. omg.. is that areum? no makeup?????????? LOL. awww th girls are all so pretty ^^
  8. T.T thanks for th gifs! i can't wait for th PV t release. I wish it's HD and really clear quality.. cause PVs' always...........zzzzzz
  9. thanks for th gifs!!!! both of them so cute pls!! 8DDDDDDD
  10. qri on th phone again~ hahahahaha!! always sees her on th phone.
  11. omg th first photo. ahem *. hahahahhahaha!! so sexy as always
  12. so pretty. *+* i wish t see them real life too!!!
  13. thanks so much!! really love their sub unit songs (8 hope they win something soon! ^^
  14. they'er all so cute. kkk! esp eunjung.. cuz of her hair XD her hair this time really short again >.<!
  15. omg so many photos qri is so pretty kkk! love her alot~ thanks for uploading
  16. that's so many photos >.<! 10 pages thanks for posting all of them. took me some time t save kkk
  17. too many photos t save XD wow, in korea? daebak! finally they're getting back t perf~
  18. so many photos! \o/ thanks for uploading and posting all of them sharing those w us~ finally seeing hyomin!
  19. wow! i like eunjung's hair. so pretty kkkk! so many fans surrounding them >.<! omg, qri so pretty still
  20. so pretty~ thank you for uploading them ~ my qri sooo pretty kkk! missing qri alr~
  21. thanks for posting th HD photos all of them are so pretty *+* cannot wait for th official mp3 t be out~
  22. i love how boram's hair looks here. so cute. Liker a kiddo despite she's alr looking like one. XDXD
  23. thanks for th scans of this mag! love th group photo. kkk!! so pretty all of them
  24. they're all so pretty ^^ omg qri's fashion. kkkk!! so grand, she looks like hollywood star.
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