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  1. kekeke!! I want th hairbands though. ><! aren't they're all prettyyyyyy?!?! kekeke* hmm, now i see them.. they don't really look alike though.. LOL!
  2. LOL! Was quite shocked when my friend and I watched this. I mean the video. LOL! erm..... kekekekke!!! Controveryyyyy again!~ But I guess it's really over uhhh, i'm sure netizens won't just let it go. ><!!
  3. I think they're clothes still alright. As can see from th video, they still hold onto their front to protect themselves. This shows that they know it. Aigoo, there's alot other groups also have the worst outfit etc, so i'm sure this won't affect t-ara.
  4. erm.. brave brothers are english or.. haashas!! cause it sounds so familiar. ><!! but still good that t-ara get to feature.
  5. of course! never fail to support seniors!! ><!! seeya is quite a good group too! but just that i'm too into t-ara, so didn't take note of seeya so crazily yet~
  6. quite surprising it's free of charge. I guess because, they don't have time to open up and sell them. ><!! Awww, I wish I can get th tixs and go~~
  7. kekekek* I guess all girls in th world would also want to have a good boyf of their own. ><!! kekeke* I'm sure t-ara unnnies can find them soon!~
  8. actually, I think hyomin unnie was alr too frantic to win.. So she totally forget and use banmal. LOL!
  9. Quote:: So, once Queen Seonduk ends, God of Study will be airing its first episode on the 4th of January 2010. After Jiyeon, then Qri, then Jiyeon again. ohyeah~ can't wait for th 4th then!! kekke*
  10. I sense some chemistry between.. Genil and Eunjung.. kekeekeke**
  11. Thanks for wishing me!


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