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  1. how come netizen who watching korean stuff but dont understand how variety show work? except this trouble also their intention. Now, who is bullish?
  2. the more I look to the group photo the more I feel something is missing about t-ara, that is the other member
  3. this man is brave, not try to hide something nor ignore the problem. I hope I can be the one be on his side. thanks for help eunjung and t-ara when in difficult time
  4. Eunjung must focus with T-ara to conquer asia and europe. And I hope this mean more rest time for them
  5. Daebak, I'm happy T-ara survive the problem and promoting again. Thanks to all Queens that keep supporting them. Yeah, himnae T-ara
  6. Woaah indonesia!!! I must get a job soon so I can afford to buy their ticket. Last time snsd came here I can't see their live and that make me so sad. Next year I hope have opportunity to see t-ara
  7. Gud luck Eunjung I hope you win, she has the right to do it since she lost many opportunity for putting this drama in first priority but she got kicked out
  8. You are strong girl, we are bigger than those bullying antis. Keep fighting to the top
  9. Daebak!!! Finally good news for them, t-ara reborn and jump higher. I'm so exciting for them
  10. All their hard work is gone. How will the problem solved then? Maybe they should start promoting overseas and forget about korea. I just want see t-ara more
  11. I just open diadem and read this issue, i think everything already okay but I got stress before bad knowing this problem , I hope eunjung keep strong and everything will be fine. Don't know what to say anymore, only can feel sorry for her.
  12. I hope this is will solve wisely for eunjung, she is the victim here. Anf i hope this is the last problem for t-ara related to bullying issue
  13. Yup and the defeat of entertainment industry, netizens will think they are the almighty
  14. I will gladly help you when you punch him. he is not doing his job, this act is not professional considering he make the sitcom seems not worthy for attention and he only come for t-ara drama Btw, although I'm sad with the situation and hyomin cry, but I"m also happy because I can read news about her. Miss you Hyomin, good luck with the drama, I will waiting for the eng sub of your sitcom
  15. Oh God, its so hard for T-ara these days. I hope she is okay physically and mentally.
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