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  1. (Source : http://www.dkpopnews.net/2013/09/t-ara-releases-eunjung-and-qris-teaser.html )
  2. urgg i cant take all these controversy anymore. Why are they treating them like criminals. They have not been proven guilty at all for the bully case and yet no one is by their side . All of the broadcasting companies are just selfish and not even willing to help and collaborate to give T-ara a chance to recover from their misery but instead creating walls and block them away from every possible chance to appear on screen.
  3. Well since its the visas, there's nothing much the girls and the agency can do. To me I think its even better for the girls as the can have a little more time to rest before the concert and give a better performance. Now they are just too tired and restless. T-ARA FIGHTING!!
  4. I'll make u dinner and brew coffee for u~ and i have a real house not tents~ EUNJUNG
  5. this angle is wat i call the Killer perspective! emphacise on the jawline.. GORGEOUS! Jiyeon!
  6. OMG!! i love this picture~ i so wish i will have a chance to meet her in person! EUNJUNG
  7. cool! Boram looked so diff in this picture~ going for the 'cool' style aye? LOVE EUNJUNG!!
  8. wow.. soyeon's track is nice.. at 1st i thought it was by SeeYa .. Really GREAT!!
  9. those netizens are really giving more n more problems to eunjung these days... why is dat so?? r dey jealous bcoz of her rising fame?? GET A LIFE!!
  10. wow.. jiyeon look cute here.. luv T-ARA!!
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