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  1. happy birthday and have a nice day!!! :D

  2. WHUT!! not true! .__. man, hhaha yanipopo yes! she's a nauhgty naughty girl haha!
  3. Congratulation soyeon. now that u had left me.. i will go to my HYUNA now. ): byee soyeon..
  4. one question! where can we buy it??? SG diadems need it for DECEMBER!!!!!!!!
  5. im really suprise boram changed alot. hhaha, Soyeon! she look so hot! Finally she let down her fringe with short hair. Nice hairstyle there(:
  6. omo! i miss soyeon so much! She have no news for so long..
  7. haha how lucky he is! hyomin's hair changed >.>
  8. Soyeon is gonna act?! WOOHOO! Every member are actresses now! ULTIMATE TALENT GROUP^^ Why refused?! singapore wants you! ):
  9. I am 18 this yr.. not 19 =.=

  10. happy 19th b'day shulin! :D

  11. another day out I wanna watch DB2 soon! Wonder how's soyeon toe alrdy??
  12. the long awaited twitter , is finally here!!
  13. OMOOOOOO Soyeon TT_TT Get well soon! Hope your wound recover soon! Did a fan or something step on her toe? God dammit -.- imma rape that guy. Nvm~ Hope she recovers soon. She said she dont mind. Wow, Soyeon know how to keep her cool >< Soyeon you're jjang!
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