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  1. happy birthday and have a nice day!!! :D

  2. WHUT!! not true! .__. man, hhaha yanipopo yes! she's a nauhgty naughty girl haha!
  3. Sobinz

    [10.10.16] Soyeon dating Supreme Team's Kang Minho?

    Congratulation soyeon. now that u had left me.. i will go to my HYUNA now. ): byee soyeon..
  4. hwa young inside too??? i see 7 ppl!
  5. one question! where can we buy it??? SG diadems need it for DECEMBER!!!!!!!!
  6. Sobinz

    [OFFICIAL] T-ara at MNET 20's Choice

    im really suprise boram changed alot. hhaha, Soyeon! she look so hot! Finally she let down her fringe with short hair. Nice hairstyle there(:
  7. Sobinz

    [SELCAS] Soyeon Twitter Update (08/21)

    omo! i miss soyeon so much! She have no news for so long..
  8. Sobinz

    [PICS] T-Ara With Very Lucky Fanboy (08/22)

    haha how lucky he is! hyomin's hair changed >.>
  9. Soyeon is gonna act?! WOOHOO! Every member are actresses now! ULTIMATE TALENT GROUP^^ Why refused?! singapore wants you! ):
  10. I am 18 this yr.. not 19 =.=

  11. happy 19th b'day shulin! :D

  12. Awww a cute little tiny girl is missing!
  13. Sobinz

    [OFFICIAL] T-ara on promotion for DB2 (08/03)

    another day out I wanna watch DB2 soon! Wonder how's soyeon toe alrdy??
  14. Sobinz

    [SELCAS] Soyeon Twitter Update (08/02)

    the long awaited twitter , is finally here!!
  15. OMOOOOOO Soyeon TT_TT Get well soon! Hope your wound recover soon! Did a fan or something step on her toe? God dammit -.- imma rape that guy. Nvm~ Hope she recovers soon. She said she dont mind. Wow, Soyeon know how to keep her cool >< Soyeon you're jjang!
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