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  1. The song sounds awesome, as expected since the girls have never disappointed with their releases. But I'm not too sure about the "I'm addict" part, it sounds off from the rest.
  2. The language barrier made it really awkward and Dani didn't seem fluent enough to translate everything properly but props to her for trying. Also, Eunjung definitely demonstrated her leadership skills in the way she handled the inerview
  3. As expected music bank mics are better quality so we can hear their voices clearly. Also I didn't realise the choreo change until I saw the comments above. There isn't much of a difference so it doesn't matter anyway.
  4. The mv was nice and everything but the song kind of disappointed me. I loved the sound of the beat in the teaser but the overall song was kind of messy.
  5. The dance version is looking good so far, possibly the best dance mv for them.
  6. They haven't worked with this director before have they? I hope this means that their mv quality will improve, since some of their previous ones weren't very engaging due to the bad editing.
  7. KKS is trying to fix his wrong doings but he is all too late. Why would Hwayoung want to go back after this controversy.
  8. Based on all these Dani articles, I think most of us have jumped to the conclusion that she was not added in for talent purposes. Everyone is against the addition of members but the thing is, we can't do anything about it. I have a feeling that Dani is going to get a lot of hate when she joins the group in December and I personally feel sorry for her as it probably wasn't her choice to be added into the group. Dani said recently, "In order to make sure I don't hurt T-ara's popularity or image, I'm practicing more before I join my unnies." Whether these exact words were actually said by her or not, I believe that Dani knows that she has a lot of weight on her shoulders and she actually doesn't want to ruin T-ARA's image. But because no one seems to be in favour of the addition of members, the new members will get hate and I think that will tarnish T-ARA's image. I personally dislike the addition of members, but what cant we do? We can't change anything. So I think we should support the new members so that T-ARA's popularity will be kept alive in a good light.
  9. ^ The new lineup hasn't been revealed yet. It was even said that it would probably be 7-9 members. It could still be the current 7 members. - I'm glad the girls get to hold their own concert. They've work so hard for this opportunity and I hope all 7 members get to take part in it.
  10. "Regardless of T-ara’s current popularity and skill" I don't understand why they disregard popularity, if they do this T-ARA might lose the popularity they have gained within the past 3 years.
  11. I think the broadcast date is February 5th. Running Man airs on Sundays.
  12. I hope this is just a rumour, I couldn't accept adding a 7th member at first. After Hwayoung's addition, I think T-ARA is perfect the way they are. I hope there is no new member because CCM has hardly promoted Boram and adding a new member will make it worse.
  13. ^ Really? That's awesome! Congratulations to the girls on the all kill I hope they win some awards because sometimes the sales are doing well but too much competition around.
  14. Guys be patient, the video was processing. It works now, so try again
  15. This is so unexpected. I thought it would be a cute dance after listening to the teaser. Can't wait to see the girls shuffle~
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