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  1. I am so dissapointed, upset and heartbroken right now that I literally have been staring at this for minutes, just not moving at all. I don't... I don't even know what to think right now.
  2. AWWW OMG THANK YOUUU <333 I just logged in today to see it. Such a pleasant suprise. <3

  3. Ohhh thank you! ^_^ And thank you for the compliment too. I ♥ DBSK. :)

  4. Wth? Those Comparasions are a Joke! Seriously, I need a mallet to whack some sense into these people.
  5. NOVEMBER?! OMG T_T Im not a patient person, dammit! Dx Gaahhh... But like I said, T-ara SHALL dominate~! <3 Oh mi gawd, guess what?! I just got DBSK's Mirotic and Tri-Angle album! (Years late, but better late than never, right?) AND AND AND My bro pre-ordered JYJ's album for meh. AWSOMESAUCE OR WHAT?! <3

  6. Omg she's just so preety and precious and lovely and...Gah, I have no words <3 OMG cant WAIITTT for their comeback! When is the date for their comeback btw? D: I hope CCM gives them a song that shows off their vocal talent and doesnt have autotune. :( T-ara will TAKEOVER <3

  7. Lol awsome~ <3 Eunjung is so preety, yes? <3

  8. Ahaha, awww, you can really tell how close they are by this. :P Jiyeon must be like, laughing her head off xD So cute, so cute~..
  9. Rofl this is so weird, my favorite likes my other favorite. She's got good taste, at the very least. G-Dragon is a total cutie But I'll feel jealous if anything sparks between them. xD Anyways, its nice to hear that she's taking guitar lessons, and its awsome to hear that she'll be learning jazz dances. Haha, were kinda alike xD 'cept course she's a hell lot moar preetier...
  10. I think im going to cry and have nightmares tonight. First a new member, now pushing Eunjung off the position of leader and making Boram leader?! No offense to Boram, I love her, but she isnt cut out to be leader. I mean, shes more like the quiet loving unnie. Not the leader. I wonder how Eunjung feels about this. If I were here, I'd be preety bumed out. I mean, really? Core....I hate you. I cant believe what youre doing to our lovely T-ara. WHOS SMART IDEA WAS IT TO HAVE SOME SORT OF UNESSECARY 'EMERGENCY' MEETING ANYWAYS?! I have a bone to pick with this looser!
  11. THIS is SO wrong! NO! I dont want a 7 membered T-ara, I love T-ara as a 6 member group! Idc, Jiyeon will ALWAYS be the maknae of T-ara. FOREVER AND ALWAYS. I am so mad at CCM that I could just...ARGH. This is really frustrating. I dont think I'll EVER be able to accept this change and member. -.- This probably also means less line for EACH of them. Hyomin and Eunjung will probably have their raps cut short aswell. WTH? I mean, Boram and Qri already get such few lines and thus underrated, is CCM crazy?! This is kind of like SNSD (no offense, I really like them, just not as much as T-ara), Every member gets such few lines, and then theres only one who gets more lines. Which is preety unfair, and considering that T-ara was a 6 member group, that could be easily divided very fairly(which it wasnt, unfortunately) but now that its 7...Gosh, I give up.
  12. I feel sympathetic yet very proud of this girl. Did you see that? She works TWICE as hard as adults. I hope she gets time to rest and have fun with her members, im worried that if she does get way too fatigued, she might collapse of it. Oh god, I hope not. But I believe in her just like she believes in her dreams. Jiyeon, HWAITING!
  13. I believe she WAS a model before, and for all the right reasons, she's absolutely gorgeous!
  14. Ahh, she's so preety and very young-looking. It's hard to believe she's the oldest, at times!
  15. Haha, Im kind of grateful it ignored her, I'd rather see her ignored, than hurt. But still, this is preety sad. xD Makes me want to pat her back xD
  16. *Facepalm* Oh my god, I've been staring at the picture for about 5 whole minutes, and I dont see anything. Either im blind, or these netizens are crazy. How perverted.
  17. Aaaaahhh, Jiyeon unnie looks soooo cute~! Soyeon unnie and Qri unnie looking preety, as usual~ ^^
  18. How I wish I was brave enough to watch horror flicks. xD I hope people recieve it well, and in your benefit, Jiyeon unnie. :)
  19. Boram Unnie, and Wooram unnie, please dont be too dishearted, it hurts to see you like this. RIP Grandma.
  20. 'my whole body aches~..' Oohhhh, Gain wont let this pass to easy. xD Jokwon, be careful!
  21. I seriously worship and love you for this. xD Thanks a whoollleee bunch~ ^^
  22. Ugh Poor Eunjung unnie...I REALLY dont get these idiots who pointed this out, I mean, in WHICH angle does it look like she sweared?! x.x They better apologize. <.< *Shakes fist threatningly*
  23. Jiyeon unnie, never mind those hateful comments from those netizens, their just jealous of your good lucks and amazing talent. And Rofl I'd want to see jiyeon unnie doing the chair thing xD!
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