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  1. I really hope she won't re-join,not because I don't like her but think it's better like that. KKS messed everything up
  2. lovex3


    i don't like her make up >...<
  3. indonesia ^__^

    how old are u ?

  4. i'm from Germany and you?

  5. nice to meet you too :)

    where do u come from,sist?

  6. she's sooo cute~~ too bad that she didn't has any parts in TTL2 q.q ♥
  7. nice to meet you too fellow Boram-eer^^

  8. Hi :D

    Nice to meet you.

  9. Hi :D

    Nice to meet you.

  10. I love Jiyeon with that kind of hair style~~!
  11. ahhhhhhh~~~ she looks sooo pretty and cute *Q*
  12. Hyomin is truely a beautiful girl ^-^ and i can't wait for the single to realese >......< still have to wait for 2 other days >....<
  13. yeah, but you canhged your photo :D

    (sorry for the late reply)

  14. lovex3


    where can i watch this performance? i can't find it on youtube >...<
  15. lovex3

    q-ri's myspace (3).jpg

    is this Qri's dog? it's soooooo cute *-----*
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