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  1. Whoa?! You have Kpop pokemon cards?! That's so cool,I remeber when i was little and i use to be a tomboy and i use to play those all the time..Aha i like the Narsha one it's funny hehe i think the cards are all cool:]

  2. And so my Anonymity/tripcode has been rendered m00t, eh? :P

  3. Holy crapppp dude. This is Bro Nyuh Shi Dae. :3

  4. I won Jiyeon's hat. It only works out to $2400 plus tax. I'll post pictures when it arrives. EDIT: I'm kidding
  5. It's revenue. 30 million won comes in. God knows how much goes out. There's the site bandwidth, which will be crazy because people will visit without buying. There's the website administrator costs, warehouse costs, other labor costs (since the girls won't be carrying the big boxes of merchandise around), the actual cost of producing the items, the fees for the model, any licensing costs for logos... revenue isn't profit people! It doesn't matter if your revenue is 30 million won if your costs are 31 million won. That's negative profit... I hate how Korean business owners always talk about their revenue and not their profits.
  6. OMG I looove the pokemon cards thing it's so kawaii and funny loved it!

  7. Agh i love your IY poke-cards!!

  8. For the "Boyfriend Styling" mission of TV show "T-araDotCom", T-ara's maknae Jiyeon was caught stealing her unnie's items. In the last episode of "T-araDotCom", the girls began their final mission to decide who would ultimately be the manager of the online shopping mall. They began to stylise "boyfriends" to help them expand their shopping mall range to include a men's collection. The T-ara members had 20 minutes to create three styles for their male models, leading up to a runway show with their final selection. In the episode, maknae Jiyeon complained "I can't even dress myself that well, how could I style anyone else?" before showing her envy at the items that the other members had selected. Jiyeon drew great laughter by being caught dressing her model in a shirt she stole from Soyeon. When Soyeon complained "Jiyeon always steals stuff" to which Jiyeon rebuffed "I wasn't stealing, I was just having a look" But later, Jiyeon tried to snatch something from Hyomin but was stopped when Hyomin threw her body to protect her items. Jiyeon's excuse this time was that she "just wanted to touch it a bit" and that "it looked like nobody owned it" but eventually apologized. *** Spoilers *** *** Source: http://web.reviewstar.net/web_200806/view....0&id=229840 Translated by oniontaker @ tiaradiadem + reviewstar
  9. It has only recently come to light that T-ara's Jiyeon was once in the cast of "Couple Clinic: Love and War". A recent video on a viral site featured a clip of Jiyeon's past appearance on the KBS 2TV series. In the video, Jiyeon was the daughter of a woman who was attempting to seduce a personal tutor. Jiyeon's clean cut student-look and pale skin has always suited bright colors like her pink top in the video. It's clear that the past Jiyeon looked the as pretty as the attention-grabbing singer with the face-covering fringe today. Since the revelation on the 20th of April, the video has attracted over 10,000 views. Netizens reacted, saying "I've seen this episode before, but now seeing it's Jiyeon, I crapped myself in surprise", "Jiyeon has always been cute", "Big eyes and pearly skin are there as ever". In the past, KBS's "Love and War" drew great attention, featuring such talents like Shim Ji-ho, Yoon Jung-hee, Lee Pil-mo, Jang Yoon-jung and Park Hyun-bin during their rookie days. Recently, MBC's "High Kick Through the Roof" also drew attention when it was revealed Daniel Choi had once been part of the cast. Meanwhile T-ara's Jiyeon's starring role in "God of Study" drew great interest from viewers and is currently in the middle of filming the movie "Death Bell 2" *** source : http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201004201636211001http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno...041918253598948 cr : oniontaker (trans) @ diadem + newsen
  10. T-ara have signed exclusive modelling contract with beauty and healthcare company Mentholatum Korea. T-ara will now be the face of the company's diverse range of cosmetics from the brand. 6-member female idol group T-ara have gained incredible popularity with "Crazy Because of You" and will be appearing in commercials to show a cute and lively image that only T-ara has. Products are marketed towards teenagers, addressing skin care issues like acne, blocked pores and have specialist care brands such as "Mentholatum Acnes", the lipcare brand "Mentholatum Lip" and the sunscreen "Mentholatum Sunplay". In an advertising campaign to be unveiled mid-April, "Mentholatum Acnes" and "Mentholatum Lip" is expected to show scenes of a nervous T-ara worrying about skin problems before going on stage, their natural backstage liveliness but the most anticipated scene is their shock transformation into and performance as a rock band. Mentholatum Korea's marketing manager Park Jaehyun explained the choice: "With a cute but mature image, T-ara were the perfect as models for Mentholatum Korea's skincare products for teens and people in their early-twenties. Our expectations are high that T-ara will make the brand a much more familiar one to consumers." Having released their second album "Breaking Heart" in February, T-ara have flourished not just in music programs but also in dramas and variety shows, gaining more and more loving fans. *** source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno...041908512681743 cr: cr: oniontaker (trans) @ tiaradiadem asiae.co.kr K-pop girl idols' universal dream CF = Beauty/Skincare products... so this is a pretty big deal Most companies will choose certain specific members from a girl group to do advertising with, but this contract is for the entire group T-ara... the girls are really starting to make a commercial impact
  11. Despite being known for her charisma on stage, Hyomin posted pictures on her cyworld showing that she can be cute too. Wearing pale blue hotpants, a casual hoodie and sneakers, Hyomin hides behind a doll-face before surprising the camera with a cute smile. Photos from another set show her with cute mini-headphones, closing her eyes to listen to music and biting the cord. Entertainment journalists have commented that she's blown away her on-stage charismatic image with the cute pictures and finishes off with her pouting on a sofa, and taking a fish-eye lens selca with Jiyeon. She adds the caption "Taken March 2010, Maknae and the Second Maknae". Meanwhile, T-ara have become regular faces on the cable channels ongamenet and onstyle from their appearances on "T-ara dot com". They are actively promoting their new tracks from "Breaking Heart" Source: http://thestar.chosun.com/site/data/html_d...0041201186.html Translated By: oniontaker (trans) @ tiaradiadem + the star
  12. wow onion! hallo~ lol!!

  13. so i finally joined...

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