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  1. omg it seems like things are coming together now!! KKS lied and I hope he resigns or something because he's really bad at handling things!!
  2. I agree with you!!! There must be a fancam or something of that sort. It's Korean fans. They're good when it comes to fancams. :/ If there's no proof, then I still won't believe about Hwayoung's bad manner and will still hold my belief of the CEO's immature handling of this issue.
  3. I'm so confused. They're saying some t-ara members have bullying problems and some are saying Hwayoung is acting like a spoiled brat. What's the truth? Ugh, I'm getting really sad with all these news coming up.
  4. I don't even know what's the truth anymore..... everything is too much. Lies here lies there. I don't know what's the truth...
  5. My grandma has same b-day as you. Geez, I hate it when people are older than me. I wish 'm 18 so that I can do my thang. hahah..

  6. haha i'm still older. :P i love qri too! :)

  7. The girls are super pretty + the makeup is so awesome. hahhaa.. They're SEXY devils indeed. lol.
  8. Hello!!!! :D you're only 10 days older than me.. hahah..

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