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  1. Reading this news made me realize that T-ara haven't had an official fanclub name yet. I think their fanbase is large enough to finally create one. Come on CCM!!!
  2. Yeah!!! Way to go Eunjung. She's so talented. Singing and acting together will result in mv like cry cry
  3. 5 versions???? It is a lot!!! Can't wait to see them all. It will be like a christmas presents for me!!!
  4. Congrats for Jiyeon. Can't wait to see her in the drama. And I definitely wanna see Eunjung come back to the sequel. Maybe a bit cameo part...
  5. I've been waiting for Soyeon turn for sometimes now. She's gonna be a great and cool leader for sure. Congratulations Soyeon. Waiting to see a new side of t-ara
  6. I am looking forward to see the movie real soon!!! Can't wait for dvd with sub version to be on sale!!!
  7. Eunjung can now feel confident about being on stage!!! She is so good performing anything!!!
  8. She looks good in almost anything she wears!!! Love Hyomin!!!
  9. That was a lot!!! With all the confident Japanese company has in t-ara, they will be very successful very soon!!!
  10. Congratulations to the new cutie leader Hyomin!!! She will be the good leader to t-ara!!!
  11. Soyeon has a big beautiful eyes ever!!! never see a girl in girl group that can match her eye size!!!
  12. Pure, cute, and innocent, I agree!!! She looks like a princess, with a lot of charms that can melt anyone heart...
  13. hahahaha good for the girls, some free snack!!! I just wonder what kinda snack rolypoly is?
  14. I reallly love the first answer. SNSD and Kara are already there, why not T-ara? They certainly have high potential and I would love to see them in many many shows!!!!
  15. If they hold the concert in tokyo dome, I will certainly attend!!! Can't wait to see the success of t-ara in Japan!!
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