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  1. pretty good here :D

    kinda busy with college stuff.

    sorry for the late reply though.

    i rarely on diadem anymore :(

  2. kittteehhhhhhhhh :)

  3. haha im fine thanks :) what about u :)

  4. hello there!

    thanks for adding me :D

    how ya doin?

  5. DONT EVER CANCEL MUH HEROES! if it got cancel, where can i watch all my fav. girls together? TT_TT im with netizens on this one.
  6. aigoo~ she's so pretty! look at her eyes! i just wanna nom nom nom her lol. xD
  7. You're welcome! ^^ D: Is there anything else you go on?

  8. thanks for the birthday wish :D

    really appreciate!

    sorry for the late reply, i rarely online here :P

  9. Happy Birthday hyung! Best of Wishes! Stay strong, healthy, & positive! ^^

  10. wow. i never expect that, im very2 glad she's on t-ara now.
  11. ive been looking for this thanks a lot for the post!
  12. wow! she's so cute! especially the pouting pic and the hoodie owns
  13. LOL. hyomin and seoyeon watching adult video? O_O ahahah i LOL so hard when they said they just watched the previews xD
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