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  1. pretty good here :D

    kinda busy with college stuff.

    sorry for the late reply though.

    i rarely on diadem anymore :(

  2. kittteehhhhhhhhh :)

  3. hello there!

    thanks for adding me :D

    how ya doin?

  4. DONT EVER CANCEL MUH HEROES! if it got cancel, where can i watch all my fav. girls together? TT_TT im with netizens on this one.
  5. aigoo~ she's so pretty! look at her eyes! i just wanna nom nom nom her lol. xD
  6. thanks for the birthday wish :D

    really appreciate!

    sorry for the late reply, i rarely online here :P

  7. wow. i never expect that, im very2 glad she's on t-ara now.
  8. ive been looking for this thanks a lot for the post!
  9. wow! she's so cute! especially the pouting pic and the hoodie owns
  10. LOL. hyomin and seoyeon watching adult video? O_O ahahah i LOL so hard when they said they just watched the previews xD
  11. well, she just doing her job lol. its the past. the past is past.. dont bother talking about other people past. give her a break will ya?
  12. awww hyomin is so freaking cute with that girl she looked very natural.
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