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  1. Wait, was the sexy love mv made in Japan? Like when Hwayoung was still in the group.....? Kind of looks like it.
  2. I still don't think this was a smart move. Seeing as how T-ARA is currently at their peak of success, it will only further taint their reputation if the 2 members are not up to the fan's standard. Qri & Boram were the original members but they are always ignored/forgotten. I really hope that KKS and CCM will be more fair towards them. They could jolly well split Soyeon's line with Hyomin, give Hyomin's line to both Qri and Boram. THEN it will be fair. Oh don't get me started on the workload these girls have. From their countless CFs to their personal schedules, it feels like they are slaves to their company. -.-
  3. Idkw KKS wants to add more members when clearly some of the current members are not that much in the spotlight. He should expose the others in diff areas instead of just adding more as he wants too. He should also knows that it takes time for fans to get used to the new members.
  4. I am procrastinating...........

  5. Ah so nice to hear such commitment from them, really pleases my heart. Keep up the good work T-ARA, We will always support you
  6. uhh man it's blocked in my country. why oh whyyyyyyyyy
  7. ah omg can't wait!!!!! Jiyeon's expression is epic and cute. 30th Jan pls come faster!
  8. omg omg omg omg so hot. Damnnn, Jiyeon is soooo sexy. Ok my stream is all laggy now !@#$%
  9. WOW fierce competition. Anw lets all voteee heheheehe GO T-ARA!!!! The girls deserve it!
  10. wooh omgee can't wait. Must be super epic and awesome. Qri and Jiyeon is effing hotttt!~
  11. girls look so hot being badass. Can't wait for the mv to come out AHHHHH~~ Btw, where's the rest of the girlss?
  12. Well the girls are all close to one another. It's just the fans maybe? But oh well, i just can't wait. T-ARA fighting!!!!
  13. Hyomin loooooook too thin. Pls eat more!!!~ On a brighter note, glad to see hyomin joining the other members. Jiyeon sucha qtpie~~
  14. the girls are flawless as always. :> wish they can perform as a full grp with hyomin in!! It'll be better (:
  15. omggg this is so cool. And man, I can't wait for the mv to be release! T-ARA fighting~~~
  16. Jiyeon-ah, your tears are too precious. So don't cry ok!! & I'm loving the Jiyeon-Yuri interactions. Yuri sooooo caring
  17. Qri is odd one out here but hey she still looks beautiful. but.....i'm not feeling the clothes though...
  18. Was hyomin busy or some sort?? anw the girls look lovely as always. :>
  19. Hmm................ I personally liked Yayaya but I rlly hope that they can come up with a new song just for Japanese fans. But wtv it is, I'll continue to support them all the way!! T-ARA FIGHTING!~
  20. WOW that's awesome. But won't she be tired? I mean with both her solo and group activites? 50 episodes is rlly......
  21. Awww, I honestly do think any concept would fit her. Be it innocent, glamourous or sexy Hyomin can definitely pull it off. Now I would be extreeeeeemely happy if other T-ARA members was also included.
  22. nice. Totally loving this 'oppa' style. er this could be called androgynous right? hehehe. qri's hair.
  24. wow Hyomin just look gorgeous here. Waiting patiently for the other members!!
  25. totally in love with hwayoung airport style. and as always, the girls look awesome even in casual clothes. :> I can just turn lesbian for them HA HA HA
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