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  1. woah she looks just the same as now. well except that she's more beautiful now. She has mature prettily over the years.
  2. ahhh cute photos. Boram is just too cute for words yes?? AND YES, T-ARA is getting more and more popular.... which is awesomezxxz
  3. yay yay yay go t-ara. here's hoping to an awesome collaboration. GO JIYEON (sorry, biasedness)
  4. omg the pictures are too cute. hallyu stars in the making yay!!!
  5. wow....just plain wow. really hope this mv is daebak! 30mins = half an episode of drama. niceeeeeeeee
  6. omg that's so cool. BIG AND PRETTY. Most definitely can attract all the customer's attention. HEHEHEHEHEHHE
  7. ohhh, Hyomin should get well soon so that she can join the others in events. Just hope she doesn't stress herdelf out!! And yes T-ARA, you can be Japan's little sister, ANYTIME~~~ :>
  8. Ah finally the girls are venturing out into the other regions! So proud of them, huhu ^^ All the best T-ARA!!!!
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