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  1. 인정한 유라 몸매

  2. 유라 예쁜사진많이올려주세요

  3. Lovey dovey ♪♫

  4. Wow Jiyeon looks so badass holding that gun and Qri always looks so stunningly beautiful! So excited for the video to come out!
  5. Wow you have the same birthday as me!

  6. 2 part music video? does it mean that one part is 15 minutes and the other is going to be 15 minutes also? Oh whatever it is I will wait patiently for it.
  7. Wow you are so lucky, I think if I was in your shoes I would have dropped from the shock of seeing them so close o_o
  8. ^Is hyomin wearing a one piece? Whatever shes wearing, shes rocking it like a boss
  9. HAHAHA I actually googled your sig up!

  10. Happy Birthday! Eat well stay healthy stranger :)

  11. Happy Birthday! Eat well stay healthy stranger :)

  12. You should pm one of the uploaders and ask them if they can upload onto a different site like mediafire.

  13. Happy birthday! Make some happy memories!

  14. Thanks Mark your always on top of things around here!

  15. For me Eunjung first caught my eyes when the music video for TTL came out. I've always been attracted to girls with short hair and the fact that she seem to just stand out of the crowd just amazes me. I even grew to like her more after realizing that she has an amazing singing voice( of course not better than soyeon) ^_^

  16. Same as eunjung is to me haha! When did you start noticing that soyeon was your bias?

  17. amazing sig haha I can tell your bais is Soyeon :)

  18. Swag = Something We Asians Got

    1. iwuvt-ara


      LOL thats so funny

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