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  1. ahh! finally youtube link ! ^^ thank you very much! gonna watch it over and over my QRIPRETTY !! IT'S NOT THERE !! >.<
  2. my Qri become dark.. LOL can't wait to their MV and song! >.< btw, thanks for sharing..
  3. on 24th too? wow! T-ara gonna release two songs that ! together with Lovey Dovey ~~~! ^^ can't wait for both of it... thanks for sharing..
  4. wow! this is awesome!! can't wait to watch all version ! but the story version kinda long~ take a long time to watch.. LOL but nvm, it's T-ARA! i'll support them !! ^^
  5. Soyeon fighting! there only a few weeks before January.. and she'll become a new leader of T-ara! Congrates Soyeon! hope she can do well...
  6. i can't wait to watch this show!! i hope all member would join it~ -.- but it's okay! at least hyomin is there! LOL XD and thanks for sharing~
  7. she soooo cute!!! i love the first photo + hoodies! where can i buy it? -.- btw, thanks for sharing! ^^
  8. love the picture soo much!! they both look like a cute couple~ kekeke thanks for sharing!
  9. she sooo cute!! ^^ i love the shirt~!!! soooo much!!! thanks for sharing btw~ (:
  10. omo! is that man with cake is him? LOL XD this must be the best birthday party for him! ^^ thanks for sharing~
  11. eunjung ya! why make that expression? haha... it's funny yet pretty! ^^ thanks for sharing~
  12. q-ri and hyomin! soooo sexy~ -.- jiyeon really cute! ^^ and T-ARA is the best!! thanks for sharing~
  13. my Q-RI!!!! kekeke....... you sooooo cute! >.< when we can meet? hahahaha XDDDD btw, thanks for sharing! ^^
  14. ya!! i'm sooo jealous! LOL XD they sooo pretty!!! thanks for sharing!!! ^^ i hope can see them~ -.-
  15. wow! she's too pretty! ^^ she will never forget this moment~ thanks for sharing btw~
  16. i love their performance! it's really2 cool~!! especially when t-ara dance for 'magic' and secret dance for 'i go crazy because of you'! i love it!! absolutely love! ^^ i saw q-ri make dance for 'omo..omo..omo..' haha. it's funny. ^^
  17. is this the new G7? wow... i did not watch it... T_T gonna watch it now! LOL
  18. me too... i also love soyeon voice and the song! really sad and cool... and their pics are tooo pretty!
  19. omo! =.= they all look really cute! especially jiyeon and hyomin (couple pics).. haha thanks for sharing..
  20. i dont think this is her.. haha but when i look for a few times, yeah! that is her.. haha
  21. aww.... soo cute.. hahaha i like her glasses.. LOL thanks for sharing..
  22. wow.... i like their outfit... soo perfect with them! hyomin!!!!! <3333333
  23. aww.... soo cute! with the markers on her face.. haha sooo cute!! <33 thanks for sharing..
  24. sooo long didn't watch their performance.. T_T thanks fr sharing.. i like their outfit..
  25. ahhh...... they really cute together! LOL i really like both of them..
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