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  1. HAHAHAHA oh hyomin ! i can so see her dad saying "save my daughter" hahaha
  2. wooow ! her brother is really cool (: lucky jiyeon ! id so want a brother like that !
  3. hahaha i almost choked when i saw 1978 ! she looks to young and beautiful to be a 1978 (: soyeon unnie is so adorable haha
  4. aaaaw, poor soyeon ! why did they edit that part out ? seriously D: poor our soyeon ! but then we believe in you unnie so stay strong and keep fighting ~
  5. aaaaaw ! i bettter start watching wgm asap (: and i cant wait for gnomeo and juliet !
  6. wow ! if i was in her place, id probably be very unconfident with my japanese ! jiyeon is the bestest actress ever good work jiyeon !
  7. ooo ! i reckon that this is a good idea (: its a great opportunity for the members to learn and take on some leadership for the team ! i wish hyomin the best in leading the band ~~ HYOMIN FIGHTING !
  8. wow, they really look alike ! i really want to see these twins perform together ! cant wait to see this
  9. wow ! is hyomin the leader now ! i thought the leader was boram after the change from eunjung ! damn im slow D: well anyways, T-ARA FIGHTING ! i hope your wishes come true hyomin unnie
  10. woooow, they are two different perspectives ! but damn do they look stunning ! i wish them all the luck in japan (:
  11. thanks for sharing your time with us by subbing these vids (: we know that some of you guys need time to do studies and exams but then you manage to sub videos for us ! we cant thankyou enough ! i wish you all the luck in subbing and doing your job
  12. oooo i cant wait for the new mv ! ~ im looking forward to it ~
  13. hahaha, oh hyomin :3 shes really pretty ! neomu neomu yepo ! i think thats how you say it (:
  14. even though other bands have made it big in japan i wish them all the best in making it big as well (: T-ARA FIGHTING !
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