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  1. Started watching this right now! Seeing her in a variety again makes me so happy!! She's still as playful as usual, love seeing her getting shy and awkward with the host, though they seem to be a good match for roommate. Also the skateboard is hilarious haha
  2. Yeah I was there, and it was also my first kpop concert to be honest. Thank you
  3. It was the very first time I saw T-ARA in concert, I was so happy!! Finally my dream of seeing them in live came true at last hahaha.. They're all so cute and beautiful my mind just stopped thinking when I saw them up close lol. Hopefully they will come back here in not so long
  4. I have seen the joint-stage performance and really impressed! The choreography are well synchronized, and the dance moves are also really cute I especially put my attention to Jiyeon
  5. The story is sooo Hyoming, definitely! Hahaha.. Poor hher, I guess But I bet the police can't do anything to Hyomin, especially with that snack
  6. Hahaha.. I can't hold my laughter when I see how Eunjung acting shy while covering her mouth like that She looks really pretty even when she just wake up from sleep But look aat her puffy eyes, must've been really busy and tired
  7. Wow, as expected of our Ham Eunjung Congratulations! Really great achievements
  8. Hahaha, I haven't watch Dream High yet so I don't quite know their role But I think the couple is cute, well who can resist Eunjung? And the effect is so huge I see
  9. Hahaha.. I wonder why this happened, I forgot the reason Maybe because she had to shooting for Heroes? I think that's the biggest possible answer Poor her, because she's alone.. But at least her airport fashion was stunning
  10. Well, as expected from Hyomin the selca queen! Even in airplane doesn't stop her from expressing herself through photos Nice to see her looks happy
  11. Well I couldn't blame 5dolls for their response like that I mean they are new and just debut with their 5 girls formation like that, so they must want to show theri skills and performance to the people so they can be known If there are T-ara's members on their stage, and we all know that T-ara is more popular and well-known, they can easily overshadowed by T-ara's members And I have to admit, I am looking into Jiyeon more than to 5dolls's members, so sorry But I think this is a good start, I hope they can learn to accept that feeling thus creating a stronger family bond
  12. Same with my opinion before, I really don't want this show to end.. :no: It's one of my irreplaceable entertainment, and I didn't expect it to end this fast Please continue it for a bit longer, at least another year maybe
  13. I don't really follows Kim Tae Hee And I think Jiyeon looks prettier and absolutely a lot cuter!
  14. I am also against the abolishment of Heroes.. It is one of my favorite show right now Where else can I see 12 girls in one show like this? And Jiyeon is super cute in this show also I really hope they reconsider this decision and continue the show
  15. Hahaha.. So cute! Love SunMin So glad Sunny helped her getting more airtime They are keep getting dorky each day
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