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  1. thanks for sharing these pics... can you upload more pictures for us ? thank you so much
  2. my mood very down just because Eunjung is cry...cheer up T-ara!!!
  3. Q-ri is very pretty with her smiling... by the way, where is other members pic?
  4. EunMin my love<3 Can upload more photos? I saw other websites got so many pic already..
  5. Love this concept so much! I have receive the surprise just now So excited now^^
  6. kazuko zynn

    KSF (10/07) -- 031

    Oh my god!!! my Eunjung make me crazy!!! sexy overall
  7. AWESOME! T-ara always give citrine many of surprise!!! They can did well with any style btw can admin put the download link here? thanks
  8. wow~thanks for the HQ pics!! I love it very much Eunjung kills me with her eyes!!! wow~ really want to faint XD
  9. wow~japanese is so lucky! I really want it badly~! T-ara the best forever Jp Bopeep Bopeep daebak!
  10. tarawota, Found ya! :D im kazuko zynn

  11. oh my god! Havent see this ic before, thank you for sharing here Love Eunjungie~
  12. kazuko zynn


    add more Eunjung's pic please! white jinjja daebak~
  13. I want buy three of the albums!!!! My T-ara Hwaiting!!!
  14. wow~ very good they earn so many money!!! T-ara is very famous now!!! Roly Poly is totally jjang! Wish T-ara continue get the highest sales ^^
  15. I think Mr.Kim treat T-ara very good, thats why what are the costume they wear will be the fashion waves now ! T-ara always the best for me<3
  16. Hyomin so beautiful.. I love her body shape,very slim aiyah! got pimple already! Hyomin must take care ya~
  17. kazuko zynn

    Qri Twitter!

    Rainbow!! Q-ri are you professional photographer?
  18. I wish for my girls can win at the stage of Inkigayo and MuBank! And also hope they can rest more,dun fainted again ~
  19. Very very congraz to T-ara,they are win on this time!!! They win 2pm and others~ T-ara make me so proud! hahaha saranghae T-ARA<3
  20. I watch t-ara this week performe on Inkigayo already! they are so cute and funny at the end of the part!!! hahahah make me laugh a lot ^^
  21. Thanks for upload! Really loves their outfits now! thats nice cause they can try a lot of classic shirts,shoes and....*COLOURFUL*
  22. oh my Horomi! the Gisaeng Ryung poster are very scary! but I think Eunjung's flim "white" scary than this one~ XD
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