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  1. CCM KKS really make the World's Diadem disappointed..... This news even been notes by one of Malaysia top newspaper.... T-ara is losing their flame...... I am so up-sad on this !!!
  2. Don't know this is a good news or a bad news....... Good news is they can finally focus on main singing and get extra time to rest Bad news is cant watch T-ara participate in dramas and movies show D:
  3. Our girls is ANGELS OF K-POP !!! T-ara Fighting you girls are the best !!!
  4. Choreography and the dance were like a team that win in a battle dance T-ara & Cry Cry Fighting !!!
  5. JIYEON #1 because she the multi-talented idol's maknae But Hwayoung is the maknae at T-ara now !!!
  6. I'm confuse by CCM decision on "Lovey Dovey"...... Anyway DIADEMS let's make T-ARA win #1 spot and all-kill chart !!!!!!
  7. OMG........ I badly need ENG SUB !!! DIADEM Fighting !!! WG and SNSD will surely lose in MV ranking this time !!!! T-ARA DAEBAK
  8. Ryu Hwa Young = April 22, 1993 Park Ji Yeon = June 7, 1993 Hwa Young the new maknae in the group seen she join T-ara
  9. Just feel warm watching them having fun and playing with kids hehe T-ara Fighting !!! Eunjung<3
  10. Wish T-ara all-kill chart and Triple crown T-ara fighting ! Eunjung<3
  11. Leak or not !!! T-ara Triple crown here we come !!! T-ara Fighting !!! Diadem Fighting !!!
  12. OMG !!! I cant wait for the MV debut !!! T-ara Fighting "Roly Poly"
  13. This is sure going to be wonderful !!! Cant wait for the mini-drama T-ara Fighting ! Eunjung<3
  14. She almost a perfect idol and girl ! Talented, hard-working, humble, never-giveup character, she is just too good ! Really does a good example for the rookies.... Wish her can debut in world stage in the future Eunjung Fighting
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