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  1. Dear god I loved that! Its really awesome to see them enjoying themselves. The concept is probably to show a dramatic fierce look but you can see that they just can't help themselves from breaking character and smiling in some parts of the song. And the chorus choreo was clearly designed for Soyeon... cool, charismatic and yet simple enough so she doesn't have to sacrifice her beautiful voice to do the dance. They also look so awesome, my heart skips a bit every time the camera changes to a new member. Hot damn they are so gorgeous!
  2. Damn! It may be called Sugar Free but I'm getting a sugar high just by watching the mv.. The song is so high energy and every single member looked badass and fierce. I love that they decided on simple coool movements for the choreo which give our girls an easier time to sing it live.. but daaamn I'm just so excited right now that I'll let Mr.Popo's mv reaction speak for me while I watch the video a couple of times more..
  3. Three songs for The Show comeback stage? OOooh Yeah! Hey, no matter what this comeback will bring, I would always remember it for introducing me to EDM & Big Room music.. I've been checking them out for the first time ever since T-ara said they are trying it on.. and I kinda like it. I like it because it makes you raise your hands and jump around a lot
  4. Eunjung looks amazing in these pics, also after watching her Endless Love cuts I just realized how much I missed her cute voice & awesome acting. Can't wait for their September comeback!
  5. Hyomin does crossfit and Eunjung does circuit training? ...the moment when you realized your favorite female idols can kick your butt at the gym
  6. Can't really decide before actually listening to them but just by judging their past work I always love Shinsadong Tiger songs, while Brave Brothers songs sometimes feel too dry and repetitive to me.. btw that is such an AWESOME picture of them!
  7. Thank god for no more sexy concepts. It's been done to death lately and T-ara needs to get back to its old style of surprising everyone with a new and unique concept for every comeback. PS: The girls look amazing in the pic, but someone should've woken up Jiyeon. She looks like she fell a sleep during the photoshot.
  8. HD version: http://youtu.be/9kDuLXib7Wo Cr: Kmusic-Live @youtube
  9. So it would be on the same day as T-ara's 5th anniversary? Btw how about helping in trending T-ara's anniversary hashtag #티아라5주년축하해 (why can't the K-Queen's use roman lettering?) starting on July 29th 00:00 KST.
  10. [14.07.26] Video HD - Hyomin 'Nice Body' @ MBC Music Core Cr: MBCkpop @youtube
  11. That was great! Sure Hyomin got a nice body, but I keep getting more focused on her beautiful eyes (It's just full of expression). She sounds amazing & that was some nice nice fan-chants but I am really disappointed that she didn't sing Fake It (I was really looking forward to that).
  12. That was awesome plus Hyomin sounds great live even with all the dancing. You guys probably heard that Music Core is going to implement stricter standards for live singing, well I guess our Hyomin is more than ready for the challenge. Hyomin & Loco also looks like they were really enjoying themselves on stage. Plus, I am also really surprised how great 'Fake It' is performed live, the song is melodiously beautiful, the outfit is so cool, too bad Hyo won't perform it again next week.
  13. [14.06.25] Video HD - Eunjung - KBS Vitamin Cut cr: Milo Ming @youtube
  14. Wow Jiyeon & Baek Ji Young.. this is going to be an awesome show. And even better, since its KBS world we would probably have an official English translation in two weeks or so.
  15. I know a lot of fans were skeptical with Hyomin's new hair but damn she looks really gorgeous in these pics
  16. Looking at music show ending videos & several photos... Anyone else seems to think that in this debut, Jiyeon just hooked in G.Na as one of her close friends? Jiyeon did say in a pre-debut interview that at least she wanted to get to know other celebrities better during this promotion. Also, its really great to see Jiyeon's adorable smile on stage again. She has great stage presence in 1Min1Sec but she really can't smile while singing that sad song.
  17. Yeah, I really respect the K-Queen's a lot, they are the ones that fill our girls with energy on stage and I am quite annoyed when I see T-ara fans write anti Korean comments on message boards (that kind of support isn't really helping T-ara). EDIT: Removed updated alternative link
  18. [14.06.11] Video HD - Jiyeon @ MBC SHow Champion Cr: MBCKpop Edit: Changed video to official one
  19. SBSmusic1 is blocked in some countries but you can still find unofficial uploads on youtube just search '140608 jiyeon'
  20. Jiyeon aka. T-ara's official 'on stage concert roadie' fixing the wall before her performance Cr:Retro403 Plus another fancam angle of Jiyeon's performance Cr:Retro403
  21. [14.06.07] Video - Jiyeon on The Gourmet Road (Full episode) http://youtu.be/4YtMwikN4Tc CR:chesskidgaf2
  22. Check out Sunny's short cameo at 1:06:00, blowing kisses for our Jiyeon
  23. Finally MNet posted the official vid on their channel: cr:Mnet
  24. The last picture with Jiyeon pointing the fan at Hyeri is so cute
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