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  1. [14.06.05] Video - Jiyeon on The Gourmet Road Preview Cr: 식신로드 (Gourmet Road) I need to see the full episode, I always love seeing the T-ara members eating.
  2. In glorious moving pictures: CR: SSTVNEWS CR: chesskidgaf
  3. A bit annoyed that Mnet's youtube channel uploaded this video around 12 hours too late but great performance nonetheless. I do agree that pink doesn't really fit the dark & gritty background though (What am I saying, she still looks stunning!). Vote for Jiyeon at Mnet btw Cr: Mnet
  4. Wow from performing in the show this week to straight up hosting the Show next week!
  5. I love the first three photoes.. but the eyebrows in the last two is just too much, but on the other hand it shows how Eunjung can change her facial character with just a few touches of makeup
  6. I think its because this was recorded on May 20th last week before the actual TV debut at MCountdown so she's still having butterflies for her first solo live performance and she is still intensely practicing the dance moves.. You know the standard for T-ara during those times are just 2 hours of sleep.. but personally I still think she performed great & we got to see the pelvic dance again :wub: . Here is she before & after the recording: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/27021-140527-fancam-jiyeon-sbs-mtv-the-show/ Oh yeah... here's a HD link since I can't find an official one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y7mAUQ7nxY Cr: ING73 @youtube
  7. It's already out at SBSmusic1 channel.. and Jiyeon sure looks like a boss
  8. My psyched reaction after watching the MR removed version... With apologies to CptFantasy who made the gifs..
  9. I love the new choreo also but what I really missed from the original was when Jiyeon and all the dancers turned their heads in the same direction at the ending.. it's a definite call-back to 'I Go Crazy Because of You' (only my first & still most favorite T-ara song btw) I don't know why they couldn't at least save that part. Still great job by the choreographers nonetheless.
  10. Jiyeon's thursday's live reminded me of batgirl & Lara croft, & now her red hot performance reminds me of Tifa from FF7. Jiyeon is making my nerdy fantasies come true
  11. Luckily Music Bank is having a special today so she has time to work out the new changes. Well, at least we all got to see the awesomeness of the pelvic dance yesterday (170k+ views in a day at Mnet ytube channel!) & hopefully more people will pay attention to her stage tomorrow.
  12. Guys listen to the MR removed version.. I'm so proud of Jiyeon singing live on her historical first solo stage & with that dancing too boot (which she said 'feels like dying if you do it' since it was so tiring...) http://youtu.be/8WPAmiayrgU cr: MR Removed Official Channel [Jiyulnino] @youtube
  13. Official Video at MNet: Cr: MNet @youtube Wow.. I always thought Jiyeon was the most consistent member in T-ara for live performances but that really blew me away. The choreography was great, the atmosphere was awesome, the fan chants perfectly highlighted the chorus, the stage lighting dazzling but most of all Jiyeon really stepped it up. Her face & dancing is so intense is like she is playing a dramatic character and she is doing this all while singing it live! PS: Anyone else thinks with her outfit & 'never ever' dance, Jiyeon looks like a mix between Tomb Raider's Lara Croft & Batgirl?
  14. @Farhan: I'm not sure what do you mean by blocks. Do you mean Youtube blocks the video in your country? Sorry if you already know this but basically youtube downloaders can only download/save the videos that you can play but if its blocked in your country.... Well I'm not sure about that but my friends say you can use proxies or virtual DNS (some one else may help you with that, I never need it so haven't looked into those yet)
  15. They actually have English subs for the clips just turn on the captions. But off course still hoping for a sub of the full show. I usally use DownloadHelper (a free firefox add on) to capture youtube & streaming vids.. however for the ones that Youtube prevents from being downloaded (like from SMTown Channel) I use ISkysoft ITube Studio (its free for single youtube downloads but gotta pay for the full version). But even if I download videos I only use it to watch on my tablet & phone for the commute home. For T-ara vids, I still watch the official videos constantly on official Channels (every view count er counts). PS: To raise youtube view counts I use page reloader addons (It gets counted because it actually reloads the page) and leave it on all night long while I sleep
  16. @HeraldC: Some one told me the lyric is actually 'I wanna be with you ..but I will pray for you baby..' but I kinda like my original creepy interpretation better
  17. I was actually thinking the same thing... is this Painkiller's sequel? Was Jiyeon's character committed to the psych ward after a failed suicide attempt? Also the lyrics 'I want to be with you.. but I'm afraid of you." is a bit creepy in a way. How would you react if you can still see a dead loved one? Will you be happy or will it freak you out? Overall I really love this song & MV but I'm also hoping that CCM will make a dance version. That dark & wet room looks epic.
  18. Isn't that what youtube downloaders are for? But I won't get to my home PC until this afternoon. Hope that it still will be there.
  19. Jiyeon's expression is priceless.. Embarassed? Thrilled? Horrified? Proud? All mixed in to one. Well at least we now know that Jiyeon does use the products she endorses.. he he If Jiyeon is the Queen of Burger King should her fans be known as Burger Queen's?
  20. Yes, one point is that the popularity of the Hallyu wave ~at least for the girl bands~ seems to be ebbing not only in Japan but also the rest of the world & even in Korea itself (honestly I don't even follow K-pop as much as I use to anymore accept for T-ara & KBS variety shows) but the other point is both Kara & T-ara are neglecting to promote their J-songs & albums prior to the release. The fact is that T-ara can still chart over Perfume (album debuted same day and was #4 just below T-ara) who are #1 at Nikkei Entertainment 2014 Female Group Ranking without real effort (http://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bml4NKTCEAAETE7.jpg) shows that our girls can actually compete with the local big names if CCM would just put more effort to it. As mentioned above this is still an accomplishment. But what type of promotion did the members actually do in Japan for Gossip Girls besides that team battle in Sakigate Eight? When was the last time they performed live on Japanese TV? Heck Gossip Girls doesn't even have a real MV (which are called PVs~ P-romotional V-ideos in Japan btw.... Promotional.... Videos...) accept a recycled version of Do You Know Me (where their lips don't match) and Behind the Scene videos. TV & PV before the sale day that's the ticket to good sales & I can't believe CCM couldn't get the airtime if they just allocated more money & manpower on promoting. To me right now CCM is just looking at the Japanese market as a place where they can make easy side-pocket money without investing too much time, energy & funds to do it. Which is a waste since the T-ara members have did a great job in recording Gossip Girls (love the songs!) & no doubt will love to put some of the good old T-ara-style hard work to promote it (remember the Bunny Style multi-city promotion?). So basically if: 1. CCM's strategy is getting as much money possible from Japan by spending as little as they can so CCM can allocate more resources to their activities in Korea -->SUCCESS! 2. If CCM wants to make T-ara a household name in Japan and overpass Kara (which is still recovering from member losses) as the #2 K-girl band there ---> DO A BETTER JOB CCM!
  21. xbot

    [14.05.09] Jiyeon

    Wow great news, when I preordered in Yesasia it was still scheduled for June 10.. I guess CCM is still sticking to the original plan & not debuting her after Hyomin. I'm a bit more biased to Hyomin but just out of popularity sake (and the epicness of the song) its probably better for Jiyeon to open the way for Hyomin's debut & built momentum for a group comeback later in the year. Jiyeon's going to have some stiff competition this month but I really don't care about that since I'm just soo in love with her song.
  22. If its really Jiyeon then I'm actually relived not upset. In this time of tragedy, CCM is showing some common sense & sensitivity (which they haven't always done in the past). T-ara's name is already being mentioned as one of the victims of that lying psycho fake rescue diver Hong Ga Hye (aka 'Hwayoung's Fake Cousin' ~thank god she has been arrested), we really don't need more stories of netizens badmouthing Jiyeon for just a few seconds of footage.
  23. Judging by the two photos... Top to bottom Jiyeon is awesome (hey it rhymes :P)
  24. Just because of this picture I'm going to call a 'cheat day' on my regular diet and go to BK's for a Whooper and some onion rings It's so awesome that Burger King is supporting her debut, hope she can get a CF out of this..
  25. That music...! Another fine song by Dubble Sidekick & I love how sexy she sounds.. that sweet raspy textured voice
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