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    xbot reacted to red4summer in [15.07.20] Video - T-ARA Interview for PengPeng Net   
    [15.07.20] Video - T-ARA Interview for PengPeng Net

    They talked about what they want to do in China and played a game on words.
    (May their wish be granted. LOL)

    Credit: 碰碰娛樂 + red4summer + TiaraDiadem

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    xbot reacted to vancew90 in [15.07.25] T-ara to hold 'So Crazy' comeback showcase on August 3rd   
    Girl group T-ara will be holding their first showcase event since their debut.
    On 24 July, MBK Entertainment revealed, “girl group T-ara will be holding their first showcase event since debut on August 3rd (Monday).” Recently, it was announced that T-ara will be having their comeback with the title song 'So Crazy' by heat-song maker Brave Brothers.
    The new title song 'So Crazy' will have a brass sound with an outstanding and funky dance, a song that will be refreshing and cool for the hot summer.
    T-ara will be performing their new title song at their showcase and will be performing a 6-member  version of 'Little Apple.' They are also preparing other performances that will have charms that are unique only to T-ara.
    T-ara’s 'So Crazy' comeback showcase will be held at Ilchi Art Hall on August 3rd. More specific details will be released on MBK Entertainment’s homepage and T-ara’s fancafe page on Daum.
    Source: TV Report
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    xbot got a reaction from subtle_yuki in [15.07.23] T-ara to comeback with Brave Brothers song in Korea and Shinsadong Tiger song in China   
    A Chinese album? Personally I love S.Tiger's songs much better than Bravebro's, but this could mean that MBK is saving the better composer for a huge debut hit in China (which is probably more financially rewarding)... anyway could T-ara be the start for me in enjoying Mandarin pop? I did listen to the original Little Apple a dozens of times when T-ara said they would cover it
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    xbot got a reaction from sarayasha in [15.07.23] T-ara to comeback with Brave Brothers song in Korea and Shinsadong Tiger song in China   
    A Chinese album? Personally I love S.Tiger's songs much better than Bravebro's, but this could mean that MBK is saving the better composer for a huge debut hit in China (which is probably more financially rewarding)... anyway could T-ara be the start for me in enjoying Mandarin pop? I did listen to the original Little Apple a dozens of times when T-ara said they would cover it
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    xbot reacted to nathaniel in [15.07.23] T-ara to comeback with Brave Brothers song in Korea and Shinsadong Tiger song in China   
    Ahead of T-ara's comeback there has been a struggle with whether to comeback with Brave Brothers produced song or a Shinsadong Tiger produced song.
    It has been a tough decision to decide which will better suit T-ara this summer for a title track but in the long run, Brave Brothers was chosen. The title track will be called "Completely Crazy". This is the first time T-ara has worked with Brave Brothers as a group. Last summer, Hyomin released "Nice Body" which was produced by Brave Brothers.
    There has also been two selca pictures of Jiyeon released that are making fans wonder if the concept will be marine or sailor!
    Shinsadong Tiger has previously produced a number of hits for T-ara including "Bo Peep Bo Peep", "Roly-Poly", "Lovey Dovey", "Sexy Love", and last year's "Sugarfree".
    Shinsadong Tiger competed his song "1, 2, 3" with Brave Brothers for T-ara's title track but instead it is expected to be released on T-ara's Chinese album later.
    "Completely Crazy" is a cool and exciting summer dance song with a funky brass instrumental.
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    xbot got a reaction from damngood in [15.07.23] Eunjung casted in key role on KBS2's I Love You From Today   
    Awesome news! And even better its on KBS! It would be great if we can watch it with English subtitles on KBS World.
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    xbot got a reaction from soo swee seng in [15.07.23] Eunjung casted in key role on KBS2's I Love You From Today   
    Awesome news! And even better its on KBS! It would be great if we can watch it with English subtitles on KBS World.
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    xbot reacted to vancew90 in [15.07.23] Eunjung casted in key role on KBS2's I Love You From Today   
    T-ara’s Eunjung has been casted in a lead role on KBS 2TV’s daily drama I Love You From Today. Eunjung’s close friendship with producer Choi Jiyoung is one of the reasons for her special casting on the KBS 2TV’s daily drama. Eunjung will be taking the role of Min Chaewon, one of the main characters in the second half of the drama. Eunjung has finished the first round of filming on the 18th.
    Eunjung’s character in the drama is a confident, free-willed, straightforward and cheerful gynaecologist. Although she has an unrequited love relationship with her university senior Kang Dojin (Park Jinwoo), she has a very opened mind about love. In the drama, Eunjung, along with Kang Dojin and Yoon Seunghye (Im Semi) will be involved in a very exciting and climatic love triangle.
    Following her casting in KBS’s ‘Dream High’ in 2011 as Yoon Baekhee, Eunjung will be back on KBS’s screen after 4 years. Eunjung expressed her heartfelt feelings, “I’m very happy and motivated. Because the role that I’ll be taking in the drama’s second half will be a very key character, I’m even more motivated and I hope that I’ll perform well.”
    Meanwhile, as a member o T-ara, Eunjung is also preparing for a group comeback. T-ara will be having their comeback on the first week of August, a break of almost a year since T-ara’s previous comeback.
    Source: DongA
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    xbot reacted to tunglam in [TWITTER] Boram's Twitter Update (07/15)   
    credit: @BoRam_0322 + tunglam + tiaradiadem
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    xbot reacted to nathaniel in [15.07.17] T-ara to comeback with a fun and unique concept in the first week of August!   
    T-ara will join the idol group comeback rush this summer by coming back in the first week of August - 3 weeks away!
    T-ara had promotions nearly a year ago with "Sugar Free" followed by the unit activities with the Chinese-Korean project album "Little Apple". After that, they focused on Chinese promotions and Eunjung promoted as a soloist named Elsie.
    After almost a year, T-ara will comeback in August. Originally it was planned in October but T-ara has a full schedule in China in the second half of the year including performances, concert tour dates, dramas, and CFs.
    MBK Entertainment announced that T-ara's concept will be fun, unique, and exciting - a "cool" song for a "hot summer."
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    xbot reacted to T-4R4 in [IG] Eunjung's Instagram Update (07/09)   


    we are go to the Beijing Concert❤️ #EMY#TARA#Great#China


    I'm go to the Beijing I'll See you at the 'T-ara in China Great concert'


    Credit: Eunjung's Instagram + T-4R4 + tiaradiadem

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    xbot reacted to T-4R4 in [IG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (07/09)   
    #Repost @jiyeon2__ with @repostapp.

    Go beijing
    Credit: Hyomin's Instagram + T-4R4 + tiaradiadem
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    xbot reacted to ily_shannon in [15.07.07] Video - Elsie (Eunjung) Meet & Greet   
    [15.07.07] Video - Elsie (Eunjung) Meet & Greet


    Credit: FC T-ara Việt Nam.

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    xbot reacted to red4summer in [15.07.07] T-ara excels in China as Korean girl group rush comebacks in July   
    Correction, TARABar didn't hit 1M because of the dating news. (It should be "despite" rather than "after", in the second paragraph.)
    To summarise, the numbers started to surge after the June rankings were out on 1st July.
    And on 6th July and officially, T-ARA has the number 1 fan club in China.
    (Besides, T-ARA Number 9 still holds the most views on YinYueTai with 128M. We lost it briefly few months ago but we took it back.)
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    xbot reacted to nathaniel in [15.07.07] T-ara excels in China as Korean girl group rush comebacks in July   
    July is a massive comeback month for girl groups with AOA, SISTAR, Girl's Day and Nine Muses already making their comebacks and Girls' Generation following soon. On the flip side, T-ara has been excelling in China as proven by their fanclub just recently surpassing 1,000,000 members!
    T-ara is the first group to reach over 1,000,000 members - they experienced a surge in members after news that Jiyeon was dating actor and co-star Lee Donggun.
    After reaching an immense amount of popularity in 2011 and 2012 with "Roly-Poly" and "Lovey-Dovey" in Korea and breaking girl group records, T-ara has proven they are a global power artist when their Japanese debut single "Bo Peep Bo Peep" broke records on the Japanese Oricon chart. Now, they are continuing to break records for Korean groups - but this time in China.
    Despite that, they still continue to cater to fans in each country as proven by their 6-episode web-drama which will be simultaneously released in Korea and China.

    T-ara is currently in the middle of their Great China Tour and just released a new promotional video for it as shown above. They will hold a press conference on July 10th in Beijing ahead of their July 11th concert date.
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    xbot reacted to vancew90 in [15.07.07] Jiyeon talks about her relationship with Lee Dong Gun   
    Girl group T-ara’s (Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon) Jiyeon (22) and Hallyu actor Lee Dong-gun’s (35) dating news were revealed recently.
    Jiyeon will be MC-ing for the live broadcast of Music Cable TV’s SBS MTV The Show Season 4 today. This will be Jiyeon’s first appearance after the revelation of her relationship with Lee Dong-gun and had attracted a lot of attention.
    Before the recording and broadcast of today’s The Show, Star News asked Jiyeon questions regarding her relationship with Lee Dong-gun and she answered with a shy and nervous heart.
    When asked about Lee Dong-gun’s charms, Jiyeon answered while giving a shy smile, “Lee Dong-gun is caring and he treats me well.”
    Jiyeon made her debut in the music industry in 2009 as a member of T-ara. This is the first time where news about her relationship is revealed by an external source. Jiyeon responded with awkward smile, “Everything is still quite surreal to me so I don't really know what to say.”
    Jiyeon also had some words for fans.
    Jiyeon said, “I’m really thankful because the fans have always been here and giving me strength. It (the relationship) is still in its starting phase so I’ll be thankful if you could give me your blessings. I will continue to work harder too.”
    Meanwhile, news about the truth of Jiyeon and Lee Dong-gun’s dating relationship were revealed earlier on 4th July. Jiyeon and Lee Dong-gun just finished the filming of the Korean-Chinese collaboration movie “Encounter”. After the filming, Jiyeon and Lee Dong-gun became close after sharing experiences about acting and they are currently getting to know each other better.
    Source: Star News
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    xbot reacted to red4summer in [PICS] Soyeon with Jonghyuk and Friends (07/04)   
    [PICS] Soyeon with Jonghyuk and Friends (07/04)

    Credit: Jung Sanghan Facebook + pjy_9367 Twitter + TARABar + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    xbot reacted to nathaniel in [15.07.04] Jiyeon revealed to be dating 12-years older "Encounter" co-star Lee Donggun!   
    Jiyeon (22) is revealed to be dating actor Lee Donggun (35)!
    On the 3rd, a Chinese fan uploaded an intimate picture of Jiyeon and Lee Donggun showing skinship at a restaurant with staff members from the movie "Encounter". "Encounter" is the Korean-Chinese movie that Jiyeon and Donggun have been filming since May together and slowly they developed a crush on each other.

    According to a source, the two are not scared to show their affection for each other after the movie filming process.
    Lee Donggun entered the entertainment industry in 1998 as a singer but since then he has been popular as an actor in various dramas and movies including "Lovers in Paris". Jiyeon began appearing in the industry during 2007 but debuted as a singer in 2009 as a T-ara member.
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    xbot reacted to ily_shannon in [AD/PROMO] Hyomin & Jiyeon for Trenta Eyewear (06/26)   
    [AD/PROMO] Hyomin & Jiyeon for Trenta Eyewear (06/26)


    Credit: Trenta Instagram + ily_shannon + tiaradiadem

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    xbot reacted to T-ara Trans in [15.06.26] Boram shares her stories about her family, T-ara, herself and much more in an interview with BNT   
    T-ara’s cute jewel Boram who’s always been hidden between the members of T-ARA, maybe because of her small height. She, who said it was her first time having a photoshoot of her own, was a little nervous; however, she was certainly full with anticipations.
    We wanted to find the hidden side to Boram. Because she undeniably looks like a small lady on the outside, yet is is a full-fledged mature ‘woman’.
    In the first concept in which she’s wearing a yellow dress, she looked like a girl who accidentally ended up on the red carpet of an award ceremony. With her cute, pretty, mysterious, doll-like appearance and her slender legs, she welcomed the wide world. The second concept showcased her charms perfectly. She expressed the feeling of being on a trip to a small and adorable world, just like that of Alice In Wonderland.
    In the third concept near a dart game board, we can see Boram’s facial expressions showing her enjoying herself. She delivered an unfamiliar yet interesting feeling. The last concept was the concept of a mature woman which Boram’s never tried before. As she exuded the mature and womanly side that was hidden inside of her, we were able to discover a confident and elegant Boram.
    During the interview, she couldn’t hide her awkwardness when she said “During interviews, the members are always the ones who do (all the talk)…I’m not sure what am I supposed to say.”
    Soon enough, she started telling her own stories in a relaxed and composed manner. Saying that it is her role to work harder, that she should go forward slowly without being greedy.
    You said this is your first time having a photoshoot of your own

    I always did (phoot)shoots with the members. The other members have had lots of photoshoots by themselves. Jiyeon and Eunjung had BNT photoshoots as well. When I received the photoshoot offer, I insisted that I wanted to do it.
    How does it feel now that you did it 

    It’s a completely new experience to me. I had no idea about anything but it was really fun. If I get to have such an opportunity again, I think I’d be less unexperienced than now. I actually had a fixed thought. I thought that if a certain concept doesn’t suit me, then it will never look good on me no matter what. But now that I got to try different concepts, it’s really fun.
    You’re 30 years old now. Now you must have grown sick of being called ‘baby-face’ 

    No. I want to hear it until the day I die. (Laughs)
    Don’t you have any complexes about your height?

    I’ve already grown too resolute about it. I’m just a ‘small child’. Rather than changing this image, I want to upgrade to a better image instead. I like eating and I eat well, but my height still can’t be helped.
    You’re holding activities in China right now, it is said that you’re popular over there

    We’re preparing for a China tour concert with Nanjing as a start. They liked us better than we thought. It’s amazing.
    There was a period of time in which it was hard for you to promote in Korea due to a group conflict. How is it now? 

    I think things are getting better with time. Between ourselves, we are determined to work hard before thinking of this and that. We tell ourselves to work hard wherever we are.
    Didn’t you feel unfair(/victimised) somehow?

    Not at all. We’re afraid that if we think that way we might get trapped in our own beliefs become close-minded, so we are just determined to work harder.
    The members must have grown closer with each other

    We’ve always been close. Rather than growing close because of that matter, we’re telling ourselves to persistently walk forward while showing a good side to us and without making the people around us worry.
    Your younger sister is an idol as well (D-unit Ram). Do you have a good relationship?

    Usually, when siblings are only a year apart, they’d fight a lot. It actually hasn’t been long since our relationship’s gotten better. Now we’re closer than ever. I feel a little bad for my sister. She’s a rookie yet isn’t having much activities, so she’s having a hard time. I also went through the same so I feel sorry for her. Nevertheless, it’s a relief that we can relate to each other and share our feelings.
    Did you inherit your talents from your parents

    Actually, it’s my sister who inherited my parents’ talents. It’s just that she never had enough chances to show it. I hope my sister can get enough chances to showcase her talents. In my case, it’s just that I had great luck.
    Haven’t you performed together with your father (Jeon Youngrok) before?

    I did at my father’s 40th anniversary concert. I was almost not able to go as it was overlapping with our Hong Kong schedule, but it’s been a relief. I went together with my members, my father was really happy. I was grateful too. I didn’t have anything to do for my father as his daughter before, but I was really happy that I got to make him happy like this, it felt new.
    Were your celebrity parents against the idea of you becoming a singer at first? 

    They were surprised. They said they thought I wouldn’t work in the entertainment industry. Because they know how my personality is. I, too, never knew I’d do this job. It’s not that I never had any interests before, but my case, my dreams have grew bigger as I worked in this job.
    Were your parents of great help to you ?

    People think that “since her parents are celebrities, she must have learnt a lot from them.” Honestly, I didn’t learn anything from them. They instead advise me dispassionately and precisely. They once talked to me so coldly that I cried.
    How is your personality like?

    I am more mature than I look like. Seeing how I look like, people would think that I’m young on the inside as well. When I’m with the members too I’d often hear that “Jiyeon is younger than you but she’s more mature,” but I think it’s a prejudice. I certainly have something to offer as an unnie.
    You must be like a family now (referring to T-ara)

    I see them more often than my family. I’m originally not the type to become close with people. However, I feel that I’m very close with our members. I’m very shy around strangers but seeing how close I’m grown with the members, even I find it surprising.
    Do you go for a drink with members

    Strangely enough, we never had a drink amongst ourselves before. We’d eat, watch movies, and hang out with each other often but surprisingly, we never had a drink together. Instead, we play around just as if we’ve drunk.
    What about your solo plans?

    What solo… the younger members are doing a great job. But it’s not that all of the members have to go solo. What should I say. Shall I say that I know my distance. It’s not that I don’t have any greed, it’s just that I don’t think it’s time yet. I think that I have to improve better first.
    What about acting?

    For acting, I really want to do it. I filmed a web-drama a while ago, and it was really fun. I don’t know much (about acting), so I think a lot that I want to learn it and that I want to do it. My mom said this since she’s an actress. That for acting, rather than learning it, the knowledge you gain from experiencing it in real life is better. I somehow know how that feels like.
    What about dating?

    Right now, I have no interests at all. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a little strange. The members say that it feels lonely but it’s just troublesome for me (to date) now. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a man, I feel happier hanging out with my friends and with the members.
    What is your ideal type?

    Once more, I think I’m really strange. I don’t have an ideal type either. Unless you tell me to specifically pick someone.
    Then pick someone.

    Yoo Hae-jin sunbae-nim. I like the relaxed and easy-to-talk-to feel to him. My standards for outer looks have already disappeared.
    What is your current worry?

    I want to try different things but there’s some restrictions. Escpecially since I’m the older one but I haven’t shown anything yet, so I think that I’m doing nothing but growing older, I experience such thoughts a lot these times. Will this be my first time having a personal photoshoot if otherwise. I hope that I quickly get more opportunities.
    Your future plans?

    We’re planning to focus on an Asia tour including China. Also, the web-drama starring the 6-memebrs is on its way to finishing. You’ll be able to watch it soon. We’ll release an album this year as well. This period of time seems to be staying still, but we’re just planning to work hard. We will do our best, I hope you can look on us positively.
    Source: BNTnews
    Translation: FY!T-ARA
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    xbot reacted to red4summer in [15.06.13] Video - Soyeon & Hyomin Cut @ SBS Star King   
    [15.06.13] Video - Soyeon & Hyomin Cut @ SBS Star King


    Credit: SBS + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    xbot reacted to T-ara Trans in [15.06.11] Eunjung and Hyomin share a cute and hilarious report of their recent Hong Kong trip   
    [15.06.11] Eunjung and Hyomin share a cute and hilarious report of their recent Hong Kong trip

    @Hong Kong International Airport

    “Are all of these really our fans?”

    Ah! I got caught.
    Although my mouth is covered with the mask,
    my eyes are smiling.

    Yes. We received a passionate (welcome) in Hong Kong.
    Thinking of the moment we arrived at the airport,
    I still get goosebumps.

    This is ’T-ARA’ Hyomin.
    You’re asking whether I have an ‘issue’?
    Yes, itshu!!

    On the 7th~6th of this month, we spent a hot day in Hong Kong. We participated in the Hong Kong 2015 Youth Music Festival and had a production press conference about the T-ARA web-drama. You’re curious about our trip report, aren’t you? From here onwards, follow me~

    This picture is from the airport.
    More than 800 fans have gathered.
    And around 40 local reporters were there.

    We first went into our rooms.
    And quickly unpacked our baggage.
    The next course?^^

    I’m in front of the 2015 Hong Kong Music Festival venue.
    T-ara are at the top (in the picture)

    We also spotted Kookie oppa from Running Manㅋㅋ

    Here is the waiting room.
    Eunjung unnie,
    you’re already preparing yourself?

    “Did you have fatal fruits as your inflight meal??” [T/N: implying Eunjung is looking fatally attractive]


    At the back,
    I was praying
    “I hope my makeup looks good.”

    Now, shall we have fun!


    The show has finally started.
    'Sugar Free’, 'Number 9’, and 'Roly Poly’
    We sang a total of 3 songs consecutively.

    The atmosphere at the venue?
    You’ve never heard the Chinese singalong, have you?
    Then don’t say anything!


    Strangely enough, you can hear (us speaking) Chinese. 

    It makes us even more excited.
    That we won the ‘Asia idol’ award.

    And so, we were able to be interviewed by so many reporters like this. We’re sincerely thankful to our Korean and Chinese fans. Really, really.

    So, up till now,
    this was Reporter Hyomin with you.
    Eunjung unnie will be telling us about the 7th of May event~

    "Elsie unnie, come out!”

    Hello. This is ‘T-ARA’ Eunjung and ‘Elsie’. I will be vividly reporting to you about the the press conference that took place on the 7th this month. Trust and follow me.

    Here is one of the shopping malls in Hong kong.

    Are they having a blowout sale, by any chance?

    So many people have gathered.


    Ah, spotted an Eunjung fan

    Yes. This place is where T-ARA’s web-drama press conference took place. So many Chinese fans have gathered here to see us.

    My facial expression control is
    my face looks stiff.

    We’ve truly never felt this welcomed in a long time.

    An interview took place as well.


    shall we call this self-luminous~

    Wait a minute!! you’re asking what T-ara’s web-drama is about? I’ll explain.

    It will have T-ARA as the leads.
    6 different stories
    for all 6 members
    It will be in omnibus format.

    ‘Black Holiday’ which played on screen that day had Qri unnie as the lead. You can trust me on this, It’s fun.

    Oh right, 'Five Doll’s Seunghee, too, will have an important role in the drama. To give a hint, the mediator that links all 6 stories together?


    So! It’s photo-time now. Everyone line up


    “Rambbo unnie, the best baby face”


    That’s a nice heart

    Everything we did in Hong Kong will remain to us as unforgettable memories. We’re also waiting for the day we meet with our Korean fans again. This was Reporter Eunjung with you.
    Article written by: T-ara's Hyomin and Eunjung
    Source: 이슈잇슈 via Daum
    Translation by FY!T-ARA
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    xbot reacted to vancew90 in [15.06.14] T-ara to record individual OSTs for each of their web dramas   
    [15.06.14] T-ara to record individual OSTs for each of their web dramas

    On June 7 yesterday, T-ara held a press conference for their web drama at an APM, a large shopping mall in Hong Kong.

    T-ara received a very warm welcome and displayed a beautiful image on stage. Seunghee, another MBK artist who will be featured in the web drama as well, also attended and drew attention. Jiyeon is currently in the midst of filming for Korea-China collaboration movie, 'Encounter' so was unable to attend.

    Despite the recent crisis of the MERS virus, T-ara had proven their immense popularity with the appearance of some 400 fans. In order to prevent the spread of the MERS virus, masks and cleaning agents were provided at the mall.

    On top of the casting of T-ara’s 6 members and 6 male actors for their web drama, each of their episodes will be produced based on 6 different stories. 6 different OSTs will also be recorded for each drama as well.

    Meanwhile, a day before T-ara’s press conference (June 6), T-ara received the Asian Idol award at the Hong Kong Youth Music Festival, once again bringing about the Hallyu trend as a dignified girl group.


    Source: TV Daily
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    xbot got a reaction from LordNoodles in [15.05.16] Boram talks of the pressure of being a part a 3 Generation celebrity family   
    I still have that Boram dancing to Boa video in my hard drive. And when I downloaded it, I didn't even know she was T-ara's boram. She was already hot!
    For those who haven't seen it.. Diadem Subs actually has it on their Youtube channel

    Credit: Diadem Subs @youtube
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    xbot reacted to ily_shannon in [PICS] T-ara Hong Kong Arrival (06/06)   
    [PICS] T-ara Hong Kong Arrival (06/06)


    Credit: 魔方全媒 Weibo + ily_shannon + tiaradiadem

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