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  1. Oh my... needing 6 weeks to recover, I guess this one is pretty serious I just hope that she didn't injure her ligaments TT-TT.. not a great start to the new year for my dear Eunjung but I sincerely hope she would get better and the injury is not that serious.. my heart weeps everytime Eunjung is hurt TT-TT Eunjung fighting!!
  2. True that Eunjung did not have the greatest start of the year (damn u injuries!) but I sincerely hope she would get better and that later on in the year she will be healthy and rocking in whatever she does Eunjung fighting!
  3. FINALLY!... this is so long overdue.. but I never knew that the CEO had that kind of tradition.. glad that he finally made an exception and for T-ara
  4. Wait.. EunJung plays a lead role in this movie? thought it was only a cameo? dang it T-ara why must all the movies you play in are horror movies (<-- terribad at handling horror movies T-T).. but for them I will watch it.. can't wait XD
  5. I love her rapping in the songs.. BGh sure found the right person to feature in their song I really like the songs too.. hopefully they would come out with MV's for then.. or did they? hopefully it feature EunJung =3
  6. I cant wait for this.. although im not so sure about the album's name.. I mean John Travolta wannabe? really? I hope they change their mind about that.. but I will still support our girls no matter what
  7. I hope they would come to Indonesia at one point.. at least study English please.. I want to be able to understand and post on EunJung's twitter
  8. False! Ham EunJung is mine! XD Well good to see that he can be jealous too..
  9. Yeah its the sensible thing to do, no need to rush into things.. (my wish is for them to not have skinship at all >.<) anyways I enjoyed the first episode of them... EunJeong was too cute >.<... her husband sure knows how to control a women though
  10. I'm happy to hear that the girls are doing well and racking up those cash XD... they're hard work paid off, now I only hope that they dont tire themselves, cause health is still the most important thing... can't stand the thought of them falling sick especially EunJeong >.<
  11. I think they're just close friends.. people and their rumors >.<... and I love that picture she looks pretty there XD
  12. I hope someone is gonna sub it, would like to see more of my EunJung XD... hope she's not too tired with WGM and all.. EunJung fighting!
  13. Indeed I am curious about this couple.. well more jealous of course since EunJung is bias (still bummed that she actually joined WGM >.<) well anyway cant wait for the first episode to air.. is diadem gonna sub it?
  14. I guess as long as EunJung is happy while filming im happy... I was happy when I thought it was only a rumor.. I guess i t came true, well on brighter side I guess I get to see EunJung more...
  15. If EunJung is there serving the coffee, or any T-ara member... better yet all of them.. count me a VERY VERY LOYAL customer XD
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