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  1. beautiful big round eyes from Soyeon not surprised though, cute as usual
  2. yeah, cant wait to see their performance on Heroes too bad that its getting cancelled but hopefully the rumor is false
  3. really hope that they wont abolish the show its one of the remaining show with good cast on tv nowadays
  4. Jiyeon looks like Jiyeon the media need to start and find new stuff to write about and dont rehash the same story over and over again
  5. her schedule must be very hectic for her to left Thailand alone hopefully she still take care of her health
  6. Nice pics also nice that they are flying in business class, 7 hours journey from Bangkok to Seoul is not easy
  7. wow, it would be a real shame if Heroes is cancelled the show is very entertaining and its fun to see alot of girls idol at the same time
  8. Hyomin surely can pull any looks she wants even with this kind of clothes she still looks very good
  9. wow, are they really going to be on we got married ? they looks very matching each other
  10. wow, is she really 21 in that picture? she looks sooooo young, I would have guess that she's only 16-17 if I didnt know
  11. though I prefer the with eyeliner looks but she still very pretty without it
  12. to be honest I dont really see too much similarities just the hair is abit the same, the eye and other features are not the same
  13. yea T-Dolls hwaiting !!! I cant wait to see this performance
  14. Jiyeon look soo cute and loved Hyomin hair nice pics, thanks for sharing this
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