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  1. thanks for the translation! i'm glad hwayoung decided to say something, i just hope people will listen to her and stop all this madness hope t-ara & hwayoung stay strong hwaiting!
  2. ooh looks good can't wait for this drama c: i miss hyomin so much T_____T
  3. soyeon should really take a break D: she's in pain right now, it's not good to push herself for filming >< let's hope she will recover soon! hwaiting
  4. finally! they totally deserved this our girls worked hard this year/last year ^___^
  5. wahh these girls are so pretty! ^__^ they're so doll like and cute :]
  6. wow part 3? xD this isn't the first time CCM released 3 versions hopefully it won't be so similar to the other 2 :]
  7. aww hyomin isn't there ): i hope she's resting >__< other than that, all the girls look beautiful
  8. omg nooo D: first jiyeon and now hyomin T___T these girls need some rest ): hope all the members stay healthy~
  9. man netizens really enjoy bashing on celebs dont they? they find every random reason just to make it seem like their the bad people -__- Eunjung & T-ara Fighting!
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