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  1. yesh i do and...i accepted it i think

  2. sungmin hase been good and siwoo i have no idea

  3. I'm thinking about going on hiatus

  4. Nothing....how have you been

  5. hmmm...i got to go now....bye maxxy

  6. OPPA WHERE THE HECK ARE YOUUUUUU???? you know that people miss you.....A LOTTTT

  7. oh...you just follow people...its your choice what you wanna do some people create accounts and dont go on it again..you could do that if you want to

  8. i couldnt read what you said..i accidentally deleted it...i cleaned my inbox thingy

  9. Ara is actually pretty and cute ^^ good night baby marc

  10. The girl that got eye surgery is the youngest Ara and OMFG I GOT SO SAD WHEN MAY DONI DIED D:....oh i wish she would sing again

  11. Sadly...yes.......the members that die...They are gonna be in order :D

    Seyoen, Ara, Maydoni

    idk if eunjung died i left when may doni got squished..actuaally when they were reviewing the tape and found some mysterious stuff....

  12. it wasnt a girl group on the taoe it was a solo singer but whenever each of the members die because of the curse they always ask isnt it hot in here? because the building they lived in the people died in a fire

  13. The ghost in the movie is someone who died 15 years ago

  14. -.- finnnee..but every thing in the movie happened too fast like in the beginning it just starts out as them performing and the crowd like ignoring them and stuff then they move to a different place and thats where eunjung found the white tape and this i sjust the beginning...

  15. what made me wanna barf was that i was still sick......the scary part was about like almost every part......lots of things happened YOU WATCH IT IM NOT GONNA RUIN IT FOR YOU

  16. It was realllly scary..but I couldnt watch it till the end...i felt really sick...i felt like i was gonna barf..eh...i could just get aa dvd of it and watch it

  17. -.-...get some eye drops...i dont know

  18. calm down...and DRINK TEA

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