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  1. cuz i have nothing to do

  2. ok...well i gotta go now bye maxxy^^

  3. ok he's with his parents right now im wit my parents house right now with my friend and we haveb an apartment where we live together most of the time

  4. no he's at his house im at mine right now.....although we live together

  5. he is asleep at his house

  6. hmm... i woke up late and im with my friend right now....WE'RE GONNA HAVE A SLEEPOVER and sungmin he is ...i dont know

  7. I'm good...How are you?...sorry maxxy but I gotta go now...bye^^

  8. yeah sungmin and i were driving last night and there were fireworks in so many places i couldnt see all of them T.T


  10. Hi I updated both my stories

  11. I wrote out the chapters just need to update my stories

  12. Yes I've been good lately^^

  13. How have you been oppa?

  14. well ok then...well i gotta go now..bye maxxy^^

  15. If you've known me for as long as iwuv has known me you would know that i am a strange person

  16. You're very silly but I'm really weird and happy

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