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  1. Oh...he'll find it :P...I know he will

  2. wow.......I wrote a note to my boyfriend and i put it somewhere secret

  3. Hi maxxy :D what have you been doing?...

  4. OH YES! I finished writing two chapters for 2 of my stories now I just need to update :D

  5. Yes I do ^^ aw...I have to go now...I'm gonna go eat........I'll be back maybe....possibly....BLEH bye maxxy love you my dongsaeng^^

  6. also i saw one of my master's abs and an instructors abs the instructor came from korea :D the other instructor i didnt see his abs lol :P

  7. super duper fun considering the fact i saw sungmin's abs

  8. good...but tired...how are you?

  9. Thanks for adding me and Welcome to Diadem^^

  10. I'm good how have you been?

  11. stay pretty? what? im confused and bye

  12. I have been on summer vacation.......but i went to a water park yesterday

  13. its ok and im fine how have you been?

  14. OOOO~ In such a good mood white is coming out in theaters in america on friday!!!!! GONNA GO AND WATCH IT!

    1. JYP_Rash19


      YAY for u! i hope i can watch it too.. lol

  15. Thanks for add^^ and Welcome to diadem

  16. ok then...well i gotta go now....bye bye maxxy~

  17. ummm.....kinda i wouldnt say wicked popular your kinda cute when your silly hehe

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