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  1. I got shocked by the title, I thought she was picking her nose or something Well maybe her make-up was vanishing, and she needed to re-touch She's an artist, she needs to be conscious on how she looks.
  2. Wow, I can't believe it I'm happy her agency didn't forbid her to have romantic relationships That guy would be one of the luckiest men in the world! xD
  3. LOL I almost believed when I read the title She's just that talented okay? Or maybe her eomma thought her? Well anyways, i want to watch this show.
  4. That was kind of rude for them to edit out her explanation! Espacially because she doesn't want people to misunderstand. But it's okay Soyeon, diadems believe in you!
  5. That was kind of rude for them to edit out her explanation! Espacially because she doesn't want people to misunderstand But it's okay Soyeon, diadems believe in you!
  6. i'm happy they're not dating, i don't want any hating towards them and i do become possessive at times, lol.
  7. coca cola event, why must you have no mic receivers? kidding of course their professionalism shines once more! i'm glad nothing bad happened, i just hope for the next events and performances they attend, they'll wear mic receivers to avoid any accidents.
  8. ugh, k-netizens are always like that to girl groups. they bash them. they just don\t see Jiyeon's potential and her hard works. let them hate, they probably have no potential in life too.
  9. They should be proud of Jiyeon, I mean she's only 18 and you want her to smile in everything she does when she only slept for 2-3 hours? Even I can't smile when I only get 4 hours of sleep. I hope she gets a rest so these netizens will stop with their criticisms.
  10. Awww, Boram Congratulations. I hope they show this on TV I really wanna see Boram on a Musical. I also hope that this musical will not be the cause of any sickness from her.
  11. i swear i'm ju,ping on join now!!! i received the news late because of school. staying up late night omfg this is so worth i, so excited to see the music video!!!
  12. thanks for posting! lol looking forward to this show! hope diadem subs will work on it too! although i'm wondering what the baby would look like haha since he is the reason of the show, oh well. thanks again
  13. Isn' she Jiyeon's long lost sister? LOL, they definitely look alike! If she just darken her hair bam they would be identical twins!
  14. i agree with your opinion and even though it' her the press should contact the entertainment she's in. i truly believe that she can over this and i hope it will happen soon.
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