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  1. PLEASE DOOOOON'T CHANGE!!! let em learn in T-Ara grow with T-Ara T-Ara is perfect for meee T^T
  2. KYAAA!!! congratulations GIRLSSS!!! somestimes I feel pity for my favorite idols who always work hard and never get a chance to rest I AM HAPPY I WISH THEY USE THEIR TIME in GOOD
  3. I am envy to all of fans who live in Lombok mennn!!! woojung is like my favorite couple from the WGM seriessss We are in same countryyyy
  4. T-Ara T-Ara T-Ara I support their carrier in Japan BUT NEW SONG PLEASEE!!!
  5. I want soyeon unnie's dress so pretty~ I hope they'll release the DVD for this musical, with sub I wanna watch it sooo bad
  6. uri baby looks fierce wow I am curious with Ailee's talent since I am no doubt on Jiyeon and Hyorin unnie's Talent Anticipating
  7. I guess it has a different feel Korean Bo Peep are cute and Japanese Bo Peep are more like sexy ~ can't wait for this!!!
  8. uwwwaaah~~~ finally I knew it *what kind of diadem I am* cute~ retro looks! can't wait can't wait!!! but wth with jiyeon and eunjung in uniform and 'yankee' attitude. I don't get it~ tough it's cute
  9. :'( wooow. I don't know that she had that hard time BUT actually from the bottom of my heart I LOVE HER BEING IN T-ARA I LOVE T-ARA more more ~~~ Hwaiting unnie!
  10. kyaaaaaaaa~~~ I love their WGM, can't wait for this episode I know they just a virtual husband and wife, but I love their coupling
  11. Happy Bithday! :D God bless you..

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