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  1. wow I just --- Erika Toda? is ur pic Toda Erika?:D

  2. it does seem like it since her image a year ago was cute and now her image seems more mature. So u dont like jiyeon as leader? I think.. --> I THINK <-- she'd like being leader and face of the group so don't waste ur time arguing with me lol
  3. LOL KRYSTAL XDD SHE'S SO YOUNG! SO LUCKY...we have the same name lol FINALLY! AN ENGLISH SPEAKING MEMBER!! HAHAHAHA xD i still remember jiyeon's "I'm thirteen years old." She mustve known that a 14 yr old was gonna join and take her place as maknae. cheer up guyz ... as long as no one's being replaced, then our girls r good xD
  4. lol i noticed ur avatar is kagami!! I like Tsukasa ^__^

    1. t-ara-makes-me-crazy



    2. Kagami Fuyumori

      Kagami Fuyumori

      Actually I like both of them, Kagamin and Tsukasa :))

      It's nice to know you! ^^

      Oh yes, we share the same birthday lol XDDD

  5. jiyeon might not like being maknae anymore...she's mature enough and she kinda looks like she'll bew taking the leader position next I think a new maknae wud be nice...but yea t-ara shudnt add anymore members its frightening whenever they mention a "new member shall be revealed" since that can also mean "she will be replacing the member....."
  6. LOL T-ara being trolls XD Or what I would think is that they've been working too hard nowadays and especially in Japan that their jap lessons got stuck in their head, so Eunjung was like "arigato" then soyeon was like "zzz ZZ woah! oh, sorry, we're in japan? Arigato gozaimasu *dozes off again* " lol get my point?
  7. *glares at the happy picture* arrghh...*bites finger hard* Now I'M jealous Hyomin..why couldn't they put Boram instead..
  8. GRRRRRRRRR *grits teeth* I will watch this and keep a close eye on that guy...
  9. hahahahahahahaha!! xDD This is so funny..all the comments here are so filled with anger!! I don't mind if it delays again but seriously I wanna see Lovey Dovey too Hwaiting rofl
  10. Happy birthday!!!

    You like ichigo..I like strawberries haha xD

  11. How was ur Birthday!?

    ^_^ Happy birthday again! lol xDD

  12. Hi !

    Your brother told me about your account.

    Nice to meet you..um...hmm..

    Ah! Happy birthday..belated :)

  13. Haha! I just got a new chapter up!

    And this time its dedicated to you, me and all them Hyomin fans..I'm gonna marry hyomin..she is a guy to me! kidding here:


  14. Hi !!

    Ah...i see ur bias...is Hyomin!

    I love Hyomin ~

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