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  1. his eyes looks similar as jiyeon... and he's looks like a pretty boy type to me...
  2. yeaaa 1 more drama to watch!!! i'm alr spreading this drama to my frens =D lets hope the drama rating would be high!
  3. everyone around mi in Singapore is learning Roly Poly! looks like its another successful song!
  4. waaa another water park commercial! this time no 2pm... but still ggreat! these gals are still sexy without men !
  5. she's too skinny! eat more! eat more! we will still like u!! and like u even more when u are healthier! so get well soon!
  6. wow there is Part 3? it better be nicer than Part 2, coz i oni watch part 2 once and thats all, i still prefer Part 1, i can watch dozens of time without getting tired =D
  7. her eyes and hair is so similar to the character! but she left out her smile ...
  8. wow part 2 includes covers from fans! i guess i would start covering their dance too hhaha!
  9. wow the choreographer is a male! i thot was a female all the while... thumbs up to the choreo! so addictive!
  10. I would prefer listenin to Roly Poly than Hoot or Tell Me! It is just too addictive! The MV boost more retro feeling to it! Irresistable!
  11. cool... 2hrs of hula hoops and 1000times of jumping rope is not an easy task! as long as u're human, it is always no pain no gain!
  12. haha she's cute! and her eyes are big! looking upwards makes ur eyes look bigger? =x
  13. issit true they realli so careless and lost 1mins+ clip? professionals would always have backups AFTER EDITING!
  14. yea when it comes to girl band showcase, security must be up there! in addition, all tiara members are so pretty, they should have at least 1 bodyguard to each member!
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